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Star Coach

The Star Coach allows you to get a feel of what life is like being a rock star on a road tour. This is like having access to a VIP room on wheels.

The Star Coach is part of our line of executive buses, which you can rent to give you and your family and friends a greater degree of comfort, luxury and convenience while on the road.

What can you expect from a Star Coach from BusRental.com?

  • Your own private room complete with a queen sized bed, walk-in shower and restroom. It is like having a luxury hotel room on board your bus. You do not have to stop at dingy motels or pay expensive hotel rooms, you have your own luxurious room! You also do not have to waste time with unnecessary stops. Everything you need to be comfortable, relaxed and well rested is here!
  • Six sleeping bunks. And you know what, you can have your bed all to yourself. The rest of your group can choose between the bunk beds available for them. You also have additional shower and restroom for the rest of your group to use.
  • Get entertained while traveling. Getting a Star Coach from BusRental.com means that you will never be bored on board! You have plasma or LCD TVs so that you could watch all your favorite programs with an in motion satellite installed. If you have recorded episodes on your Tivo, this could be a great time to catch up. You can also connect your video console, or DVD player to get entertained. You can also get on the Internet with an onboard Wi-Fi access so that you do not only get entertained, you can also get some work down.
  • Hot meals that you prepare for yourself. Guess what, you do not have to stop for meals, and take your chances at dirty roadside diners or pay for expensive meals at some restaurant. You can prepare the food you want to it just the way you want it with our full galley kitchen.
  • Utmost comfort and luxury. You get all of these amenities and be pleased that you get the best quality materials and features. You get tile floors, marble counters, state of the art surround sound equipment. Only the best for you and your group!

Perfect for family vacations too

You do not have to be a celebrity to enjoy all of these. If you are planning to have a family vacation and you want to save on transportation, meals and hotel rooms, then you know what to rent from BusRental.com.

It would feel like being at home but you are surely traveling. This time around,you would not have to worry about bored kids and their endless questions of "are we there yet?". You can just let them play video games, or watch movies. You do not even have to drive as you can have a professional driver do that for you.


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Note: These deals are only good for charters Monday Through Thursday. They are not valid for April, May or June.