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Our outstanding fleet has vehicles from some of the best auto brands in the world. This means that not only are you riding top-of-the-class and very luxurious vehicles, you are also sure of its safety.

BusRental.com can provide you with the perfect:

  • 24- to 61-Passenger Buses
  • 44-Passenger School Buses
  • 18- to 40-Passenger Limo Buses
  • Entertainer, Star, & Sleeper Buses
  • 4-Passenger Sedans & Executive Sedans
  • 9- to 14-Passenger Vans & Executive Vans
  • 6- to 14-Passenger Limousines & SUV Limousines


Can't figure out which one is the best for you? Call us at 1-866-569-2012 and we would be very happy to assist you in making a decision!


24- to 61-Passenger Buses

Perfect for large groups, our passenger buses can accommodate a group of up to 61 people with no problem. You can be sure that everyone in your group will be very comfortable and will have ample leg room. Plus, you do not have to pay for an inappropriate sized bus, i.e. something a lot bigger for your group, which would mean unnecessarily bigger fees.

If you are traveling with a huge group, consider getting:

  • 49-, 56-, or 61-passenger coach bus. Traveling with a large group can mean logistics headaches. Not with BusRental.com. We have a line of quality yet affordable coach buses that can accommodate anywhere from 49 passengers to 61 passengers. Our large coach bus rentals have wide legroom, reclining seats, TV and DVD, PA system, audio equipment and onboard bathroom.
  • 24-, 28-, 30-, 35-passenger mini bus. For mid-sized groups, we recommend our mini buses, which can accommodate anywhere from 24 to 35 passengers. These come with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, reclining seats, PA system, more than enough luggage space.

44-Passenger School Buses

A school bus rental is perfect for any group planning to do some short-distance travel when the weather outside is just right – not too cold and not too hot – or, in short, when there is no need for air conditioning system. That, or if you are taking a group of kids somewhere!

Our school buses could accommodate up to 44 people and comes with all the safety amenities that are required by law, making it really safe even for young kids to ride in!

18- to 40-Passenger Limo Buses

More than just being a luxurious and elegant way to travel, our limo buses allow you to party onboard. Choose from one of our many party buses that could accommodate anywhere from 18 to 40 passengers.

All of our limo buses are equipped with two TVs, DVDs, state-of-the-art surround sound system, and radio. Some have fiber optic lighting, neon lights, crystal bar and an onboard bathroom.

What this means is that you can enjoy even while on the road. No more lining up at the cool night clubs or even spending too much on drinks. You can do everything you want here!

And even if everybody drinks, you never have to worry about driving because you are being chauffeured around by a professional driver!

Entertainer, Star, & Sleeper Buses

If you want to travel with all the trappings of being at home, then you simply must charter an entertainer, star or sleeper bus.

Where else can you find a bus that feels like a hotel and lets you sleep comfortably on bunk beds and even queen sized beds onboard? These luxurious buses also come with a fully functional kitchen, plasma or LCD TVs, onboard bathroom and toilet, leather sofa, and even modern amenities such as WIFI Internet connections, surround system, in-motion satellites and more!

4-Passenger Sedans & Executive Sedans

Raring to impress company guests and VIPs or arranging a trip for your boss? BusRental.com has a line of top brand named corporate cars. Choose from our range of Cadillacs, Mercedes Benzes, Lincolns, Rolls Royce Phantoms, Maybachs, Armored Escalades, SUVs and Bentleys!

9- to 14-Passenger Vans & Executive Vans

Taking the family on a trip or transporting the entire sales team to a convention? Get our passenger and executive vans that could easily accommodate 9 to 14 passengers!

For example, we have the luxurious and spacious sprinter van rentals that can accommodate up to nine passengers. Just perfect for a short vacation with your whole family, a small group of friends or people at the office. A sprinter van gives you all the space you need, making even long distance trips feel like just a short drive.

6- to 14-Passenger Limousines & SUV Limousines

For an even more luxurious trip, why not get our 6- to 14-passenger limousines and SUV?

There is the six-passenger armored escalade, or the 14-passenger suburban. You could even choose a Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, or Cadillac that can comfortably seat up to 10 passengers. You will not only have a great time on the road but you would feel like every bit a VIP!