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Mini Bus Rental

Why Rent a Mini Bus for Traveling and Events

The mini bus is referred to by many names - they are sometimes shuttle buses, mini coaches or converted vans. The type of vehicle provided depends on the distance and type of event but typically, mini buses are used for short distance travels and events like sports outings, employee shuttle, relocation of offices and shuttle service for weddings guests. The interior of a mini bus is comfortable and is sometimes said to be similar to a deluxe motor coach. Most mini buses has P.A. systems, AM/FM radio, iPod docks, TV/DVD and comfortable reclining seats.

There are many makes and models of mini buses throughout the nation but they typically fall under three categories:

  • Body builds
  • Multi-purpose
  • Van conversions

Customized Promotional Mini Bus Rental Packages for Specific Events

BusRental understands our customers’ needs to get their hands on the most affordable mini bus rental possible without compromising the quality of the vehicles. Sometimes, there are budget cuts for school field trips and that is why we have special promotional packages and seasonal deals for different vehicles throughout the year. It includes school field trips, summer and camp outings, church retreats, day trips, corporate events and team-building outings. You can easily find out more about them when you contact our staff via phone or online on our website.

We always encourage our customers to confirm available amenities on board the vehicle with our customer service representatives before reserving the vehicles in order to avoid disappointment. But generally speaking, the mini buses comes with reclining seats, ample legroom and space for luggage, modern equipment like DVD player, TV, P.A. system, air-conditioning and heater.

Mini Buses - Getting More People to More Places than other Modes of Transportation

With the use of a mini bus, it is all about value for money and getting more people to the same destination without breaking the budget. Renting a mini bus anywhere around the country has become so affordable, it seems to make more sense than flying or individual vehicle rental. It saves you money and yet, it takes you right to the doorstep of your destination without needing to make use of the train or taxis once you get to the nearest stop.

Take Advantage of BusRentals’ Friendly Customer Service and Mini Buses Today

With decades of experience and being backed by nationally-known ground transportation companies, our friendly customer service representatives are always ready to ensure seamless and hassle-free bus booking experience for all our customers. We look forward to help you mobilize your group from one destination to another safely and comfortably for your entire trip soon.