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Executive Sprinter Van

Just the RIght Vehicle for when you Need to Get things Done. Fast.

Known to be one of the hardest working vehicles in the ground transportation industry, many of our customers have chosen this vehicle for their events. Priced affordably, the Sprinter van is often picked is because when you need to get things done fast, it is the most practical one. It gets people, equipment and cargo from one destination to another quickly, efficiently and comfortably. Sprinter vans are often used for airport transfers, corporate functions, employee shuttles and transportation of wedding guests to and from venues and hotels.

The Sprinter van’s built is tough enough for virtually any job in terms number of passengers, cargo volume and towing capabilities, it pays that renting this vehicle in any city all around the country is one of the most economical option. It represents the perfect balance between complete comfort and versatility.

A Practical, Functional Vehicle that Comes Equipped with Modern Amenities

While there’s ample space for cargo and equipment, passengers gets to enjoy comfortable leather seatings and they are made to feel like a VIP. Some Weekender RV Campers comes with modern conveniences like refrigerators, microwave oven, air-conditioner, heater, radio, DVD players, TV, etc. Availability varies from vehicle to vehicle and area to area, hence, it is best to consult and confirm with our customer service representatives before reservation is made.

Reasons to choose a Sprinter Van:

  • Economical
  • Built tough and suitable for virtually all types of jobs
  • Luxurious on the inside, practical on the outside
  • Customizable for number of passengers, load and usage type
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient

Do your Part for the Environment with a Fuel-Efficient Sprinter Van

When you shuttle employees in and out for conventions, meetings and exhibitions with a Sprinter Van, you are actually helping the environment by making use of an excellent benchmark of the large and midsized category vehicles. It saves gas while going a long way more than other vehicles can; for instance, it can travel an extra 10 miles more than other similar vehicles and vans of its size and capacity. The vehicles has a turbo diesel engine with the BlueEFFICIENCY which is a technology that reduces usage of fuel and emission.

Safety Tops the List of Priorities

Not only are Sprinter Vans efficient and comfortable, they are as safe as it comes. Most of the vehicles comes with extra safety features which helps drivers perform their jobs more easily, causing less worry for passengers on board. As driving around a large vehicle is tougher than driving a conventional corporate car or standard vehicle, the Sprinter vans comes with extra sensors to help monitor its surroundings as an extra step towards vigilance. So, when you are in a Sprinter van, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your safety has been taken seriously.

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