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Crew Buses

Crew buses are for bigger groups. A star coach can accommodate around six to eight people comfortably, but our crew buses can hold up to 12 passengers.

Our Crew Buses are part of our executive buses line, which allows you to take luxury, comfort and convenience wherever you go.

This is just perfect for family vacations if you have a big family, or perhaps for glamping trips with friends. You get 12 sleeping bunks, restroom, and shower. That means that you get to save on hotel rooms when you travel with our crew bus. You do not have to stop so you also save on time. And you still feel relaxed, refreshed and comfortable! How is that for savings?

Traveling can sometimes get monotonous. Not when you have a crew bus for your transportation! You can just watch TV using our in motion satellite or watch movies on DVD, listen to music, or bring your favorite video console. What's more, you have a great stereo surround sound system on board, giving you more enjoyment for your entertainment.

Then you can prepare your own food with the full galley kitchen that you have on board. That means no more risking getting sick on bad food or having to deal with expensive restaurants along the way. This gives you more savings and is a great way to stay nourished during your trip.

And you do not have to worry about updating your Facebook profile, getting in touch with friends, and be able to do some work on the road because our crew buses have Wi-Fi Internet connection for you to use.

It is easy to see how getting a crew bus can easily help you save money and time. You do not have to make unnecessary stops and pay for more expensive things. You have everything you need right here.

Note: These deals are only good for charters Monday Through Thursday. They are not valid for April, May or June.