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Take in the Culture by Cruising in a Bus Rental in Utica

A bus rental in Utica can introduce you the small-city charm that is Utica, New York

Every now and then Utica, New York is mentioned in The Simpson's and more often than not, it would leave a question in the audience's mind. Where is Utica and what is in that city? Take a bus rental in Utica to find out. The city is located in the shallowest point of the Mohawk River. This location is ideal for merchants so that the city easily became a business hub and eventually the merchants eased into the Utica life. The city also boasts of its residential rows.

Check out the city with a bus rental in Utica

Utica is not embarrassed by its small city status. It finds pride in being small yet located within 500 miles of 17 of the Top 50 U.S. Markets. The city prides itself for its ability to provide its residents with affordable housing, different leisure and recreational activities, a diverse settlement and many restaurants. So be sure to get a bus rental in Utica and explore everything it has to offer.


Cruising in a bus rental in Utica, New York, one will notice that the small city is actually a melting pot of nationalities. In the 1700s, Europeans settled in the City. In fact, Fort Schuyler (now known as Old Fort Schuyler after Rome, New York renamed its own fort into Fort Schuyler), built in 1758, was named after Col. Philip Schuyler, considered an important personality in the French and Indian War. But before the Europeans came, the original settlers of Utica are the Native Americans.

Other inhabitants of Utica, Ney York are the Welsh, Polish and Italian communities.

Sports and outdoors

Traveling on a bus rental in Utica will take you in various bodies of water like rivers, lakes and streams, perfect for nature lovers. For the sports minded, a Robert Trent Jones-designed 18-hole golf course is available in the city. It may be a small city but Utica also provides sports enthusiasts with close to 20 new tennis courts. Skiers would enjoy the downhill, cross-country complex of the ski chalet located at the Parkway Recreation Center. The latter also has a pipe for snowboarders. Two municipal pools also cater to locals and tourists.

Runners from all over America and some parts of the world head to Utica, New York every second Sunday of July for the Boilermaker Road Race, incepted in 1978. It is a 15-kilometer run organized by the National Distance Running Hall of Fame. It is considered the largest 15k race in America and is unique because of the commemorative pint glasses given to participants instead of the usual t-shirt. It is appropriate given that the race is sponsored by the Matt Brewing Company.

But before the Boilermaker Road Race, the National Distance Running Hall of Fame inducts someone new every second Saturday of July. The Hall of Fame was established in July 1998, honoring athletes who made a difference in the world of distance running. The National Distance Running Hall of Fame stretches along the New York State Thruway in Utica. It is more popular as Hall of Fame Corridor. This is a perfect way to utilize a bus rental in Utica as the corridor is a drive-through of pictures, awards and memorabilia of inductees.

Nomination for the Hall of Fame happens every November. The nomination can be done by anybody as long as the proposed inductee is qualified. A voting committee chooses the inductee through secret ballot.

Entertainment and Amusement Parks

Tourists should drop by the Parkway Recreation Center (Utica, NY 13501) when in the area because of its own ski center. The Parkway Recreation Center was built in 2000 and features tennis courts, basketball courts and a fitness center.

Locals have a rocking good time at The Uptown Theater (Utica, NY 13502), which offers diverse entertainment such as rock and pop concerts, dramas and dances. It was built in 1927 as a full time movie house but opened to other acts when necessary.

For those with children, make sure your bus rental in Utica drops by the City's Zoo. It is the perfect tour around the world as Utica Zoo houses animals from Canada, Africa, South America and Asia. Among them are Merlin the Peacock, which roams free; and Boomer the Ostrich, which sprints at 43 miles per hour. Nature lovers will be in awe of the Utica Marsh Wetlands Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary, located at the city's edge with the Mohawk River and Barge Canal as its boundaries. The sanctuary has a land area of 213 acres, which includes observation towers and trails for guided tours.

Arts and Culture

Children will enjoy the experience at the Children's Museum in Utica and parents would be grateful as well for the active education the young will get. It is considered Central New York's lone museum for children and one of the oldest in the entire country. The museum focuses on local history, space science, environmental science and the arts. The four-storey building provides 24,000-square feet of educational materials.

Children's Museum features:

  • Birthday Community Room – children can have their birthday parties in this room.
  • Dinorama – a display of dinosaur models and fossils.
  • Diorama – multimedia exhibition of Central New York's history.
  • Exploration Station – a simulated village with 'stores” for children to explore.
  • Living Science Learning Center – features live display of animals and insects.
  • Playspace – wooden train where children five years old and younger can play in.
  • Transportation Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – displays artifacts from the Utica Fire Department, Police Department. It also has an original Amtrak railway as well as a 17-foot airplane that children can play on.
  • Weather Room – presents Doppler Radar programs, musical instruments and a Saturn car.

Adults can enjoy the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art that features 20 galleries housing American and European paintings between the 18th and 20th centuries. It houses 25,000 pieces of art including collection by Copley, Frankenthaler, Mondrian, Picasso, Rothenberg and Whistler. One also finds Thomas Cole's 'Voyage of Life” series in this museum.

The history of Central New York, which Utica is part of, can be viewed through the exhibition of The Oneida County Historical Society. It features the Battlefield at Oriskany from the past and the present is featured through the exhibition of the Boiler Maker Race. The City's inhabitants from the Native Americans to the evolution of present day mixed race Utica is featured through events and the figures that shape the City. It contains 250,000 books and documents, over 10,000 photographs, paintings and drawings and a thousand other artifacts.

The Stanley Theater is also Central New York's most famous show place. It hosts Broadway shows, operas, recitals, concerts from the Utica Symphony Orchestra and the presentations of the Mohawk Valley Ballet.

Bruce Springsteen and the famed Harlem Globetrotters are no strangers to The Utica Memorial Auditorium. Built in 1959, the auditorium is believed to be the model for the Madison Square Garden. The auditorium hosted several sold-out concerts and competitions.

Restaurants and Shopping

Dining in Utica City is not a problem, just have the bus rental in Utica cruise through the city streets and you can choose from about 150 restaurants. Gerber's 1933 Tavern Restaurant boasts off its tasty sandwiches, friendly staff, and a beautiful restoration of its structure. Casual dining in huge proportions is the main motto for Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse, another favorite of Utica locals and visitors. For those rearing for authentic American Cuisine, The Willows may be the answer. Diners love the rack of lamb in The Willows. Great mornings start with great coffee at Utica Coffee Roasting Co. Utica visitors actually wish the coffee shop starts a chain all over the country.

Other restaurants in Utica City include:

  • Aqua Vino Restaurant
  • Babe's Macaroni Grill and Bar
  • Café Bella Mia Restaurant
  • Café Canole
  • Café Caruso
  • Desserts Beyond the Ordinary
  • Florentine Pastry Shop
  • Lotus Garden
  • Nail Creek Pub
  • Pho Mekong House of Noodles
  • Roma Sausage and Deli
  • Sunny Restaurant Asian Cuisine
  • The Acropolis
  • The Tailor and the Cook
  • Top of the Morning Café
  • Tramontane Café
  • Zeina'a Café

There are only a few shopping centers in Utica unlike its extensive dining choices:

  • Dominics of New York Riverside Mall
  • Tam Minh Store


Make sure to direct bus rental in Utica to the popular landmarks in the City like the Calvary Episcopal Church, which was built between 1870 and 1872. It is characterized by its asymmetrical mass and cruciform structure with intersecting apse. It was designed by famed New York Architect Henry Cogdon and listed to the National Register of Historic Places in 2008. Another historical structure in Utica is the Roscoe Conkling House, home of the controversial and widely described 'angry” politician Roscoe Conkling. There is also the Fountain Elms, originally a regular but extraordinarily built house that is now part of the Munson-Proctor Arts Institute.

Other landmarks:

  • Doyle Hardware Building
  • First Baptist Church of Deerfield
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Fort Schuyler Club Building
  • Grace Church
  • Hurd and Fitzgerald Building
  • John C. Hieber Building
  • Lower Genesee Street Historic District
  • Memorial Church of the Holy Cross
  • Millar-Wheeler House
  • Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute
  • New Century Club

A bus rental in Utica takes you to the best places this small city has to offer. Contact BusRental.com online or give us a call.

Utica City is a melting pot of people and culture. Some of the best in Central New York – museum, zoo, restaurants, among others – are located in this City. So bask in the beauty of the city through a bus rental in Utica. Get a free online quote only from BusRental.com.