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Enjoy the Arts, History and the Outdoors on a Bus Charter in Bloomfield, New Mexico

Home to more than 8,100 people, Bloomfield is located in San Juan County and is on the Trails of the Ancients Byway. Get on the bus charter in Bloomfield, New Mexico to explore the city today.

A bus charter in Bloomfield, New Mexico can easily accommodate up to 60 people. You can get one and arrange a tour to the following places:

Arts & Culture

Check out the city's Cultural Complex, where you can go to the public library, fitness center, gymnasium, racquetball court, and a special events center. The event center has a permanent art collection that you would appreciate. It also hosts temporary exhibits.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

There are two sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Twin Angels Archeological Site is part of the Anasazi sites found inside the Chacoan Interaction Sphere. The prehistoric site is very significant and is found on a ridge that overlooks the Kutz Canyon. Meanwhile, the Christmas Tree Ruin is a similar site on the register, only that its address is restricted.

Also go to the Salmon Ruins Museum, Library and Research Center. You can tour an 11th century ruins that also features a Chacoan great house. Or you can experience life inside a 19th century home. Have a picnic, or check out replicas of different buildings such as a pithouse, tipi, sweatlodge and hogan. Further, you can see ancient artifacts, modern exhibits and even research in the library.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

The Angel Peak Recreation Area is the perfect area for hiking. You get at least 10,000 acres of rugged terrain. The peak itself rises close to 7,000 feet. You can also go through the deep canyons and the badlands. On top of these features, you can also have a quiet picnic here as well as enjoy the campground. You can also go on the nature trail.

The Aztec Ruins National Monument is very near, and you can see an ancestral pueblo that is more than nine centuries old and features more than 400 masonry rooms. You can also visit the Chaco Culture National Historic Park and enjoy seeing the center of the Ancient World. You can also check out the biking and hiking trails here, and even set up camps and join other activities.

Then you also have the parks maintained by the city. The Carl Chamblee Park has five soccer fields, picnic structures, and open spaces, while Chris Keffalos Park has baseball and softball fields, picnic facilities, batting cages and a playground. You can also go to Salmon Park where you have tennis courts, picnic facilities, volleyball and basketball courts. Further, you have the Verde Del Rio San Juan, where you can enjoy the hiking trail, picnic, fishing and boating facilities.

Other parks you can go to include the Bishop Park, EMS Park, Qwest Park, and Wilderness Park.

To reserve a bus charter in Bloomfield, New Mexico just call BusRental.com1-866-569-2012.

A bus charter in Bloomfield, New Mexico can help take you to all of these places and even beyond city limits.