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Take a Charter Bus in Woodbury, New Jersey for a Green Adventure

There are so many significant historical sites in this city named after its founder Henry Wood, a Quaker from England. So take that charter bus in Woodbury to get a first class education on the city's contributions to the rest of America.

The city grows on you with a charter bus in Woodbury.

A Beautiful local church in Historical Woodbury, New Jersey

Important information that tourists should know is that Woodbury is the first American city that mandated recycling. The other cities followed suit. In this same city, a fossil bone was discovered in 1787 and was identified as dinosaurian. There is much to be discovered in this city that will make a tour through a charter bus in Woodbury, New Jersey an important part in anyone's bucket list.

Woodbury describes itself as "The City You can Grow With."

Parks and recreation. As a city that values environment, it is no surprise that Woodbury has a number of parks where locals and tourists can relax in. Direct that charter bus in Woodbury to some of the city's wonderful parks and lakes:

  • Bell Lake Park (Woodbury, NJ 08096). For more active recreation, this park is a good place to drop by. Many locals enjoy fishing in the area while families bond by picnicking. Some simply read or sunbathe. Couples have also tied the knot in this part as the lake, fountain and footbridges provide a wonderful backdrop in pictures. The park is also a magnificent view for residents of Bell Lake Park apartments.
  • Broad St. Lake. This is another venue for recreational fishing and many kids as well as adult enthusiasts have exhibited their remote-control boats in this lake.
  • Cooper St. Lake – Stewart Park. Another fishing area that has a path walk great for observing wildlife.
  • David A. Laverty Sr. Sports Complex – Stewart Park. This is home to the city's varsity teams. It has a boat ramp providing access to the city's various lakes. It also has a nature trail and has a picnic area.
  • Evergreen Ave. Lake. Another fishing area.
  • Frances Avenue Fields. This is home to the city's baseball and softball teams. Non-varsity can still enjoy the fields, which has a picnic pavilion and a toddler lot.
  • Green St. Playground. This place is perfect for children aged between two and five.
  • Hendrickson Park. This is a historical place that hosts the city's WW II memorial as well as the police memorial. It also has quaint arboretum.
  • Wing-Dickerson Park. This park features tennis courts, basketball courts and a playground. This is also the venue for the city's Juneteenth celebration. Juneteenth is held annually and is an event commemorating the rich culture of African-Americans as celebrated through music.
  • Woodbury Creek Park. This place is ideal for fishing and hiking and has become a popular spot for canoeing.

Restaurants and shops. Traveling will not be complete without tasting the food and the goods of the city, so complete that cruise with a charter bus in Woodbury to some of the local eats as well as some shops.

The Woodbury Station Café is a site on its own. Taking in the name of the city as it should, the restaurant is packed not just because of the sumptuous meals but because of its features. It is a converted train station along a line of preserved buildings.

The city offers a variety of international cuisines. Here are some of the must-try restaurants:

  • Be No Restaurant – it's a hole-in-a-wall type of Vietnamese restaurant.
  • Gia Nina's Restaurant –Pizza
  • La Piazza di Scotto – Italian
  • Marlene Mangia Bene – This Italian restaurant is perfect for couples because of its intimate setting.

Shop away in Woodbury:

  • Deptford Mall is definitely a favorite among the locals and is a perfect stop for a charter bus in Woodbury because parking is no trouble at all. With at least four department stores, you can have everything you need in just one stop.
  • Foxfire Accessories is like heaven for every woman. The store has jewelry, accessories and anything else a woman wants but not necessarily need.
  • Ollie's Bargain Outlet has everything you need, even things that you didn't know existed. The best part is the prices are really low.
  • Sam's Club – a membership, wholesale store.
  • Time After Time – sells watches.

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