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Cruising the City aboard a Bus Rental and Charter in Somers Point

While a regular area is having problems with overpopulation, Somers Point, New Jersey has just the opposite experience, reporting a decrease in its population by about seven percent in about a decade. This is why this is a perfect vacation spot for people who want a relaxing weekend getaway, made easy by just hopping on a bus rental and charter in Somers Point.

A day in a bus rental and charter in Somers Point

The city can readily be toured in a day through a bus rental and charter in Somers Point. With just 55.39 miles of road in this quaint city, a lot of spots can be covered in a day.

First stop should be to take in the view of the Great Egg Harbor Bay, where the Great Egg Harbor River empties into. The latter is one of the more famous rivers in America because it is surrounded by pinelands. The view of the bay and the Great Egg Harbor Bridge connects Upper Township in Cape May County and Somers Point of Alantic City County. The Harbour Cove Marina (Somers Point, NJ 08244) provides the perfect view of the bay and the bridge. One of its major draws is the deep-water passage of the Great Egg Inlet.

For some historical intake, drop by Somers Mansion. It is a historic house built in 1725 and admitted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. The house was built by the son of the original Somers Point settler, Richard Somers.

Parks and golf course. The Great Bay Country Club used to be the home of the ShopRite LPGA Classic. It has a full 18-hole golf course designed by the famous Willie Park Jr. It is located near the Great Egg Harbor Bay. This has also become a popular venue for weddings and other parties.

Another attraction is the John F. Kennedy Park, which was developed with a view overlooking the Great Egg Harbor Bay. Locals and tourists enjoy picnicking at the park that contains a playground and a beach. No matter the season, the John F. Kennedy Park is a good way to bond with family through its different seasonal activities.

Restaurants and shopping. The most raved about restaurant in Somers Point is called 800 Bay by Philippe mostly because of its amazing view of the bay. It serves Asian Fusion, American and Seafood.

It is a given that in a place where the bay is the number one tourist attraction, seafood should be first class. So don't miss the chance to munch on wonderful seafood at The Crab Trap. Other must try restaurants in Somers Point:

  • Anchorage Tavern Restaurant
  • Baia Restaurant
  • Charlie's Bar and Restaurant
  • Clancy's By the Bay
  • El Costeno
  • Fitzpatrick's Deli and Steakhouse
  • Joe's Mediterranean Grill
  • Latz's By the Bay
  • Smitty's Clam Bar
  • The Grilled Cheese & Crab Cake Co.

Somers Point also has a share of popular shopping destinations:

  • Helena's Consignment Boutique
  • Johnson's Appliances and Bedding
  • Shop Rite – for grocery items
  • Sherry's Closet – bargain clothes
  • Top Shelf Sports Memorabilia

Other points of interests. Somers Point, New Jersey was widely featured in the 1983 film, Eddie and the Cruisers, starring Ellen Barkin and Michael Pare. The latter played a rock star in a band called Eddie and the Cruisers, which was discovered while regularly playing in a Somers Point nightclub. While the said night club, Tony Mart's, is no longer operational, a lot of the scenes in the movie were taken in Somers Point. So it may be a good idea to ask the driver of the bus rental and charter in Somers Point to point out certain scenes taken in the wonderful city of Somers Point.

While going around Somers Point, one might also discover the birth places of some noted personalities born in the city like meteorologist Joe Bastardi, NFL linebacker Doug Colman, actor David Kagen, motocross races Jason Lawrence and March 2009 Playboy Playmate of the Month, Jennifer Pershing.

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