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Enjoy the City by the Bay with a Bus Rental and Charter in Perth Amboy, New Jersey

The City of Perth Amboy, New Jersey is part of the New York metropolitan area, which is no surprise that the city is inhabited by over 50,000 people. Take a bus rental and charter in Perth Amboy to understand why it is called the City by the Bay.

Go sightseeing on a bus rental and charter in Perth Amboy

There is so much to see in this City by the Bay so that the wisest thing to do is to hop on that bus rental and charter in Perth Amboy to take in the sights and culture.

Being an alternate colonial capital in the 18th century, historical buildings are aplenty at Perth Amboy. Make sure that the bus rental and charter in Perth Amboy drops by each of them.

Historical sites. Make sure to visit these landmarks if you want to know more about the city's past.

  • Proprietary House (Perth Amboy, NJ 08861), which was originally one of the governors' mansions in the time of the 13 colonies. Its most famous inhabitant is William Franklin, estranged son of Benjamin Franklin. This house also saw tragedies like fire but was eventually restored to preserve its historical significance to the city and the entire State of New Jersey. It is now a museum, which exhibits a timeline of its residents, among others.
  • St. Peter's Episcopal Church, which is the oldest Episcopal parish in the entire State of New Jersey. The place is also home to the oldest gravestone in the state. The Church, for its old structure and historical significance, was added to the National Register in 1977. Among the most famed member of the Church was Thomas Mundy Peterson, the first black person to vote in America. The late governor William Franklin is also a vestryman of the Church. In the Church area also lies the tombstone of Helen Gordon, wife of Scotland's Thomas Gordon. It is considered the oldest tombstone in New Jersey.
  • Kearny Cottage, which was built in 1781 and was home to Elizabeth Lawrence Kearny, a poet who went by the name "Madame Scribblerus." Her son, Lawrence Kearny, was also famous for opening his door in a trade policy with China. Lawrence was also known as "The Sailor Diplomat." Now, the cottage is a four-room museum managed by the Kearny Cottage Historical Society and features historical items donated by Perth Amboy's history-conscious residents. The place also features a colonial garden.
  • Perth Amboy Library, which is the first Carnegie Library in New Jersey, erected and developed through a grant from Andrew Carnegie.
  • Waterfront. Since it is known as the City by the Bay, it is just appropriate that the City of Perth Amboy developed its Waterfront district. This place also has its historical significance since it was the first inhabited place in the city and now one of the few remaining places in the State with a marina culture. The area is also home to the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip, a yacht club, an art gallery and two museums. Still along the waterfront area is a bandshell by the marina, which hosts "Concerts by the Bay." A residential development called Harbortown is also located at the waterfront. This development offers both affordable and affluent housing.

Downtown. The City of Perth's main commercial district is in the downtown area. As part of the Urban Enterprise Zone, the area enjoys a reduced sales tax rate of 3.5 percent, way lower compared to the state's seven percent. Its tallest building is the 10-storey Amboy Towers, located at what is known as the Five Corners, the intersection of Smith Street, New Brunswick Avenue and State Street.

Definitely direct your 49-passenger bus rental and charter in Perth Amboy downtown for some shopping. Here are some of the must-stops:

  • Alvarez Cigars. You might want to give the men in the family back home some of the most wonderful cigars. Going to the shop is also an experience because you can see people in the counter rolling the cigars. Products are handmade, right before your eyes.
  • Amboy Outlet. Branded items at bargain prices.
  • Botanica Arte. This store has the best selection of collectible art items in the city.
  • Dots. Women will love to drown in this store containing clothes, including plus-size items, and thousands of accessories.
  • Sneaker Ferry. A shoe and accessories store.

Recommended restaurants:

  • Amboy Asian CafĂ©
  • Bonao Restaurant
  • Karini Restaurant
  • Portuguese Manor Restaurant and Lounge
  • Troy

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