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Take a Bus Charter in Northfield, New Jersey for a View of the Gateway to the Shore

The City of Northfield, New Jersey is dubbed as the Gateway to the Shore because Jersey beaches are just over the city's bridge. It has a population of less than 10,000 with a land area of 3.5 square miles but boasting off a 271-acre park.

Get to know the Gateway to the Shore through a bus charter in Northfield, New Jersey.

Take that bus charter in Northfield to get to know this small city known as the Gateway to the Shore because of its proximity to the beaches. It may be a small city but it has what most cities are proud of.

Historical sites. Upon boarding that bus, make sure to drop by two of the most important historical exhibits of the city, Casto House and Northfield Museum (Northfield, NJ 08225).

The Northfield Historical Society was formed in 1997 by city residents who want to preserve the historical inputs of the city. They preserved information about the city so that these can be learned and enjoyed by future generations. The group also obtained artifacts of historical significance to Northfield. The society is now the administrator of the city's famed Casto House and Northfield Museum, a must-stop for travelers. But make sure that you call in earlier for an appointment as the place is only open on Sundays and Wednesdays, 1-3 pm. Those with appointments can drop by at the designated time and day.

Casto House and Northfield Museum features photographs and other memorabilia like from schools, sports and organizations. There are also genealogical records available. One important part of the exhibit is the Webb's Model Museum. Visitors will also love the Risley Homestead, which was nominated for Historic Places – just one of two houses in the Atlantic County that got a nomination. This simple two-room cottage was built by Jeremiah Risley II.

Parks and kid-friendly venues. If there are children in tow, it might be wise to take a 24-passenger bus charter in Northfield for a quick visit to the Otto Bruyns Public Library of Northfield. The library has its own theater, which schedules a child-friendly movie every now and then.

Children will also love the Birch Grove Park, Northfield's pride. The park has over 50 campsites scattered over the park's 271 acres surrounded by trees and sporadically dented with fresh water fishing lakes. Locals love to camp in the area because of its natural setting at affordable rates. Amenities of the park include a bandstand, where concerts are held every now and then; camp sites; a fishing area where fishing enthusiasts can join city fishing tournaments; exercise and jogging trails; a museum and historical house; picnic areas; and a playground.

For those who have enough time to kill, it might be a great idea to drop by the Tilton 9 Theater, which many dubbed as a classic movie theater. Cinemas nowadays are very modern but this Tilton 9 Theater retained its rustic features but with more comfortable plush leather chairs.

Shopping and restaurants. Give that bus charter in Northfield a whirl into the city's center for some shopping. The city is bereft of its own mall but is home to a sprawling diversity of stores. One of the favorites among locals is Tunes. It is only a CD and DVD store but the clientele love that hard-to-find records are available in the store. Some maybe second-hand but at least the hard-to-find goods are available. The staff is knowledgeable about music, too.

Not that Northfield is known for heavy smokers but many visitors enjoy the great selection in The Cigar Boxx. Cigars also make the best gifts for vacationers.

Other notable stores:

  • Ronnie's Garden Center, where you can get fresh produce, beautiful flowers and decorative plants
  • The Arc Makes Cents, Too!, which is Northfield's version of a Goodwill Store
  • Serago Roberts Jewelers
  • Chic Boutique
  • Allen's Shoe Store

Take that bus charter in Northfield to either Tilton Road or New Road for the city's best cuisines. Among the favorites is Giovanni's Best of Italy, which is a regular mom-and-pop Italian restaurant that doesn't rip off your pockets. The Eggplant Parmigiana is the most popular order.

For lovers of American food, The Spot is just the place to be. It has a wide selection of dishes, making it hard for locals to choose the best dish. Ventura's Offshore Café is another favorite but what makes it different from the rest is that this place actually honors coupons.

Other restaurants in Northfield:

  • Chido Burrito (Mexican)
  • LP Steak
  • Rose's Garden Grill (sandwiches)
  • Salvo Kitchen (Italian)
  • Northfield Diner and Family Restaurant

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