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Rent a Charter Bus in Linden and Explore This City!

A charter bus in Linden, New Jersey can be your ride to a lot of places.

Located in Union County, Linden is home to more than 40,000 people and is part of the New York Metropolitan Area, being only 13 miles away from Manhattan. It also borders Staten Island and very near Union Township, Rahway and Eliabeth. As such, it is a good place to stay when you want to experience other places allat once. So get on a charter bus in Linden, New Jersey and explore the area.

A 24-passenger charter bus in Linden is great for day trips involving small groups.

You can get on a 24-passenger charter bus in Linden, New Jersey to help you tour the city as well as the other places around it. Call BusRental.com at 1-866-569-2012 and get one and start planning your vacation today.

Mind you, while Linden represents a cheaper base than New York City, there are some things that you can do here also. What are these? How about:

1. Playing at the park.

Parks in the city have different facilities such as basketball courts, play areas, play structures, tennis courts, picnic areas, ball fields, ice skating. Check out the Memorial Park and Mather Spring, where you have six lighted ball fields, four lighted tennis courts, a play area, basketball courts, picnic facilities, ice skating, field house, playground, and two handball courts that are lighted.

You can also play tennis in one of the four lighted courts at Woodrow Wilson Memorial Park. You could also have the kids play at their lit playground and play basketball with friends at one of their their lighted basketball courts. You can also fish here, as well as play handball.

Other parks in the city include:

  • Al Kalla Park
  • Bachellor Avenue Park
  • Buchanan Street Park
  • Capt. James J. Dunn Memorial Park
  • Charles Street Park
  • Cleveland Avenue Park
  • Clifford Lawson Memorial Park
  • Clinton Street Play Area
  • Cpl. Ronald Knosky Memorial Park
  • Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Memorial Park
  • Eddy Avenue Park
  • Fifth Ward Park
  • George T. Farewell Memorial Park
  • Hagel Avenue Park
  • Hattie Johnson Playground
  • James Dobson Park
  • James Iozzi Memorial Park
  • L/Cpl. Melnyk Memorial Park
  • Lexington Avenue Park
  • McGillvray Place Park
  • Milkosky Park
  • Newton Street Park
  • Seventeenth Street Park
  • Seventh Ward Park
  • Sgt. Alexander Wales Memorial Park
  • St. Marks Park
  • Sunnyside Park
  • Tremley Park
  • Wanda Anita Green Memorial Park
  • Woodrow Wilson Memorial Park

2. Fly!

Check out Pegasus Flight where you can avail of helicopter tours to see New York City's best landmarks. There are 30-minute tours, as well as tours that last for an hour. Another helicopter tour provider you can contact is Core Helicopters, which gives you an amazing experience in the air.

3. Taste a world of international cuisines.

There are several Pho Minh's (Linden, NJ 07036) where you could order summer rolls, grilled pork and other Vietnamese food, as well as interesting drinks such as taro bubble tea and avocado shake. For more Asian food, check out Dragonfly. Italian food lovers would fall in love with Amici Restaurant.

Craving for Puerto Rican food? Go to Sabor Caribeno and get a jibarito sandwich, mondongo or sancocho. The menu here changes every day, making sure that you can try out something new even if you eat here daily. For more Latin American food, check out Meson Tropical. Or you can have your fill of seafood at Medley's Jazz Restaurant.

You can also go to Big Stash's Restaurant where you where you can get a combination of Polish and American food. For something light, there is Abigail's Cafe and Father & Son Luncheonette. Meanwhile, relax at Amsterdam Alley, a sports bar that also serves great food.

Other places you should try:

  • 25 Burgers
  • Caribbean Fusion
  • City BBQ
  • Linwood Inn
  • Little Italy Pizzeria of Linden
  • Pizza Village Cafe
  • Two Tony's
  • US 1 Diner
  • White Castle

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