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Take a Fun Trip to Historic Museums, Spacious Parks and Safari Tour in Lakewood, NJ

Get around Comfortably, Safely and Affordably in Lakewood in a Charter Bus

The rise of Lakewood as a residential community and township was a surprise to many around the region, rising from being ranked 22nd to 7th biggest within the span of a decade. Lakewood is also home to one of the largest yeshivas in the world, Beth Medrash Govoha, which was founded by Rabbi Aharon Kotler. The earliest recorded European settlers were operators of sawmills who were said to have lived in the area around the early 1750s. Some settlers like Jesse Richards ran iron-smelting operations which was formerly known as Washington Furnace which was later sold off and renamed Bergen Iron Works. Lakewood was incorporated in 1892, named after the large number of surrounding lakes and pine forests. Many visitors from surrounding regions marvel at the beautiful old-world charm and hometown feel to the city, which is said to be a far cry from bigger and busier cities. Visitors will also get to enjoy reduced sales tax rates at eligible merchants, making it a popular shopping destination for avid shoppers and tourists. With its beautiful, natural surroundings, Lakewood’s economy depended on its reputation as a popular resort retreat for millionaires, rich businessmen and politicians. It is also a short hour and a half away from popular cities near New Jersey like New York City, Philadelphia and Atlantic City; within its boundaries, however, are air-conditioned recreational centers, scenic public parks, lakes, golf courses and historical sites for fun weekend and summer family-friendly activities.

Today, Lakewood boasts of a large number venues for weddings, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette celebrations, corporate functions, field trips, church outings and family vacations and they range from large popular attractions like Six Flags Safari where kids can take on a real life Safari jeep ride with their families to the locally-run Incline Club with their skating facilities for groups, schools, organizations and individuals. And there is a vast number of alternatives to choose from, one of them being Jackson Skating Center. If you love LIVE performances, do not miss the chance to bring the charter bus for a show at The Strand or you can book the venue at Domenico Winery Tasting Room to celebrate a friend’s birthday instead. You can also learn about the local Syrian Jewish community at Sephardic Heritage and Museum or go horseback riding at Allaire State Park too. But that’s not all there is to do in Lakewood as there is a large number of indoor and outdoor recreational centers, charming retail outlets and beautiful parks for everyone to enjoy. If you are thinking of visiting the sites mentioned below in a group, getting in touch with the professionals at BusRental.com comes highly recommended. We have the best-priced charter buses, coaches, mini buses, school buses, party buses, limousines, corporate cars, executive coaches and many other types of vehicles ready for your event or tour. All you need to do right now is to get in touch with our customer service representatives and we will get back to you promptly with an obligation-free quote.

Fun Family-Friendly Attractions, Grand Theaters and Charming Shopping Attractions in Lakewood, NJ

You don’t have to look very hard to find something fun to do in Lakewood....they are everywhere! You can go horseback riding, enjoy a few rounds of archery, bring your friends to some of the following points of interest for bowling, skating or shopping any time of the year! Read on below to find out more about them and don’t forget to add them to your travel itinerary.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

Lakewood is an amazing place for families, offering more than just indoor recreation centers and family-friendly playgrounds. You can bring your bike out for the ride of your life at Incline Club where people are always trying out new skills on their skateboards, scooters, rollerblades and bikes around the 24,000 square foot facility or rent a pair of skates for a birthday party or challenge the locals to a hockey tournament games at Ocean Ice Palace along Chambersbridge Road. Not a pro? Not a problem. You can take on their daily public skating session or take on hockey classes instead. There are other fun indoor amusement centers like Ocean Ice Palace and they are Roller Magic and Jackson Skating Center, both located in Jackson. Roller Magic features unique maple wood skating surface while Jackson Skating Center features themed nights and makes for a great place for private parties. There are also unique events in both Bricks and Jackson that you can take advantage of too - there’s the pirate-themed parties and boating adventure along Metedeconk River with Jersey Shore Pirates and Nightmare at Gravity Hill which is a haunted walk attraction that comes complete with costumed performers ready to scare visitors with their shocking antics. Other fun activities you can check out includes the glow-in-the-dark mini golfing party at GlowGolf, open bowling sessions and bowling parties at Ocean Lanes and Lakewood Bowl and Recreation Center.

Art & Culture

Instead of checking out large, elaborate art attractions in Lakewood, we think it would be more memorable to make your way to fun, charming, quaint art galleries strewn throughout Lakewood and its neighboring cities. The Strand, for one, is a must for anyone who enjoys LIVE entertainment; it is a historical site which has been restored and remains to be an important landmark to Lakewood. If features dances, comedies, concerts and theaters all year round. Pine Belt Arena plays host of a wide range of music shows, dance performances and comedy shows, or you can organize a painting party or take art lessons at Around the Corner Art Center. The work of regional and International contemporary and modern artists are featured at Torche Galerie while Weston Gallery in Manasquan is known for its large collection of oil paintings and handmade jewelry. Main Street Gallery Manasquan features unique decorations and arts made from things that you can easily pick up on the beach, like stones, pebbles and unique seashells.

Restaurant & Shopping

Whether you are craving for local, traditional burger, mac n cheese or Chinese cuisine, you can find them all at Lakewood city center. There’s authentic street tacos and tortillas at Taqueria Madrigal, delicious linguini poblano with homemade sauces offered by Latin Bistro and Grill, yummy Mediterranean food like shawarma and falafel at Pita Hut, authentic Thai and Chinese delicacies like sushi rolls and fried rice at Li’s Garden along Route 70, a large variety of burgers and fries to choose from at Cross Mill Diner, and the best cup of steaming, fragrant coffee and sandwiches at Taylor Sam’s along Route 88. Visitors will also get to shop for unique items like card games and Yu-Gi-Oh from a charming local store like Close Encounter, buy awesome ice-cream and candies to your heart’s content at Shake Shoppe Arcade located in neighboring Seaside Heights, or bring the charter bus to Ashbury Avenue for a shopping spree at more than a hundred retail outlets, stores and restaurants. And when you are done shopping, head over to attractions like The Mansion or Domenico Winery Tasting Room which makes for perfect venues for social gatherings, bachelor, bachelorette or birthday party.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The culture and lifestyle of the people of Lakewood is very unique and if you enjoy learning about a city, there’s a large number of historical sites and attractions to check out in Lakewood. Do not miss the chance to learn about local Syrian Jewish community at Sephardic Heritage and Museum through more than 30,000 pictures, data and photographs. The site of Ocean County Historical Museum is, in itself, a historical site as it was constructed before 1820; its exhibits showcases important events, stories and historical events related to Ocean County and New Jersey in general. Another historical attraction one should not miss is the Spring Lake Historical Society as there is a large variety of walking tours organized throughout the year or you can make a trip to the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County in Freehold, less than half an hour’s drive from Lakewood city center. It celebrates Jewish heritage and culture through its collection of exhibits, some of which dates as far back to the 1700s.

Parks & Outdoor Activitie

Thanks to its strategic location, visitors have countless outdoor attractions like parks, lakes and beaches to enjoy during their trip to Lakewood. There’s 150 acres worth of green space to enjoy, a basketball and tennis court with children’s playground at Lakewood Pine Park, boat launching area and activities like crabbing and fishing to be done at Traders Cove Marina and Park, or you can opt for the pristine park of Allaire State Park. The park provides visitors with amenities for horseback riding, fishing, camping, hiking and biking. During summer, the perfect weekend outing would be bringing the kids out for some fun in the sun at beaches like Brick Beach 2 and Barrow Beach. There’s lots of space for picnics and parents can have the peace of mind of having their kids roaming and swimming along the beach because of the presence of lifeguards standing guard and Barrow Beach is incredibly popular because it enjoys 24 hours of sunlight from July to August. You can also opt for the boot camps offered by Point Pleasant Recreation Center as a team-building event, hit the miles of trails and archery range at Turkey Swamp Park where there is a 17-acre lake for boating, fishing and ice-skating during winter months, or bring your friends for arcade games at the mini amusement park at Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

Zoos & Aquariums

One of the most popular family-friendly attractions in and around Lakewood is Six Flags Safari, located less than 20 minutes drive away from Lakewood city center. The kids will, without a smidgen of doubt, have the time of their lives enjoying a real African safari from the open-air jeep tour. The jeep takes patrons around its grounds, offering them a splendid view of the animals in their natural habitat.

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