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Family Fun on a Charter Bus Rental in Jackson, NJ

There’s More than Meets the Eye in Commuter Communities like Jackson, NJ

Bring the Charter Bus to Attractions like Theme Parks, Skating Centers and Unique Beaches in Jackson, NJ

Jackson is a township located within the New Jersey Pine Barrens and is known for being home to one of the largest and most popular theme parks in the United States, Six Flags Great Adventure. The theme park has the tallest roller coaster in the world until 2014 and countless thrilling rides like Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags Wild Safari. Before it became the modern suburb that it is today, Jackson started off as being home to the Lenni Lenapes Native Indians when English settlers began purchasing land from the local Indians, especially settlers who came from Long Island and Rhode Island. The city goes as far back as 330 years ago starting from the first settlement in Shrewsbury. While residents trickled in slowly during the 1800s, rapid development and growth was seen in 1960 whereby farmlands and forest areas were bought up and quickly developed into modern amenities and residential areas. Even then, the first major industry in Jackson Township was agriculture and when it was discovered that consuming cranberries prevented people from contracting Beri-Beri disease, people picked it up and started growing and manufacturing cranberries instead on their farmland. The industry peaked after the Civil War with reports showing that more than 200 cranberry bogs were produced in the city of Jackson and they were shipped to major cities like Philadelphia, New York and Boston. The residents also thrived in other industries like poultry farming and charcoal production. It was in the 1950s, with the introduction of Garden State Parkway, a floodgate opened and residents and workers from bigger cities started moving to Jackson, New Jersey, building their family lives in a less stressful and congested environment. And that was how Jackson became the commuter community that it is today.

The city has become a popular stopover for visitors and tourists because staying within Jackson’s city limits means easy access to popular tourist attractions like Nightmare at Gravity Hill where there is a thrilling haunted walk and tour, Lakewood Bowl and Recreation Center where they can have a bowling party with their friends or bring the charter bus to The NYC Performing Arts Center to take on some classes or enjoy a show. People can also go for a shopping spree at Jackson Premium Outlets, organize a party at the ever-popular The Mansion, enjoy a baseball game at FirstEnergy Park, have a field trip at Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County or head out for a unique outdoor experience at the land of the midnight sun at Barrow Beach, especially during summer months when there’s 24 hour sunlight. If you intend to have a group tour or family vacation in and around Jackson, BusRental.com is ready to help connect you with the right charter bus, corporate car, limousine, party bus, mini bus, school bus or event a van. Give us a call right now and take advantage of our affordable promotional packages!

You will be Surprised with the Sheer Number of Fun, Exciting Attractions to Visit in Jackson, NJ

Some visitors are caught by surprise at the sheer number of interesting points of interest, historic landmarks and iconic sites there are in and around Jackson, NJ, just because this charming commuter city is so unassuming. Discover a world of delightful attractions by reading below.

The Six Flags Safari in Jackson, NJ

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

The city is home to one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region and that would have to be none other than Six Flags Great Adventure which is located along Route 537 in Jackson, NJ. It is a massive amusement park with thrilling and family-friendly rides like Fantasy Forest, the Boardwalk, Movietown and Frontier Adventures. People will also enjoy Swing Ride, Himalaya, Moby Dick and local festivals and contests at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant and a thrilling adventure with ‘Zombie Zone Paintball Experience’ at Nightmare at Gravity Hill. For skating, there’s Roller Magic which has open, public roller skating sessions, a 24,000 square foot indoor skateboarding, biking and rollerblading facilities and venues for parties at Lakewood’s Incline Club, and more than 30 bowling lanes and restaurants at Lakewood Bowl and Recreation Center.

Art & Culture

The Northern Star Arena is THE place to be when it comes to famous concerts by Internationally-renowned artists; it is housed within the compounds of Jackson’s most popular tourist attraction - Six Flags Great Adventure. The Strand in Lakewood also plays host to year-round national acts, stand-up comedy, dance performances and theater while attractions like Around the Corner Art Center is a more intimate gallery that houses a large collection of paintings but also offers art programs for people of all ages. The NYC Performing Arts Center in Freehold is also THE place for contemporary, hip hop, tap, jazz and ballet classes while Idiosyncrazies in Point Pleasant Beach offers handmade and fair trade items like jewelry, art and delicious ground coffee from all around the world.

Restaurant & Shopping

When it comes to a shopping spree, there are a few destinations that comes automatically to mind. There’s conventional shopping with modern malls and a charming experience at local retail outlets. Visitors can shop for Internationally-renowned brand names like Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor at Jackson Premium Outlets on Monmouth Road, more than a 100 different shops located throughout Asbury’s most popular shopping district where there are also restaurants and coffee outlets and cafes and an unforgettable shopping experience at Trenton Farmers Market. Guests can shop for local produce, meats, dairy and freshly baked goods from 9 local farms and more than 40 different local businesses. There are also charming locally-run specialty shops like Shake Shoppe Arcade offering ice-cream, candies, hamburgers and hot dogs and inspiring locally-sourced paintings at Atlantic Artisans. For a party, you can always count on the wide range of wines that range from Syrah to Pinot Noir offered by Domenico Winery Tasting Room, a tasting room surrounding by scenic and peaceful orchards at Tomasello’s Winery, and a chic, elite and private function rooms at The Mansion, one of the largest and most popular attractions for bachelor or bachelorette parties in downtown Brick, NJ.

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

The Jackson Baseball Softball Academy located at the heart of Jackson has more than 16,000 square foot worth of training facilities and it offers year-round development and training programs to people of all ages. FirstEnergy Park in Lakewood is home to Lakewood Blueclaws baseball team and it is a popular attraction especially during spring time. Apart from enjoying its games and weekly fireworks, it has picnic areas, party decks and luxury suites. To get in on the action yourself, why not check out the indoor trampoline arena, BMX biking, skating and scooter facilities at Jump Street Skate Park, or check out the tennis, swimming lessons, spa, kids zone and fitness center offered by The Atlantic Club Tennis Center which is located less than 30 minutes drive away in Manasquan.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The exhibits and activities at Sephardic Heritage & Museum in Lakewood is all about showcasing the Syrian Jewish community’s history and heritage through more than 30,000 pictures or you can head over to the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County to learn about local Jewish heritage through documents that dates as far back as the 1700s. Visitors should also bring the charter bus to Monmouth County Historical Association Museum in Freehold to explore the museum’s large collection of paintings, pictures, artifacts and documents that spans three centuries or Ocean County Historical Museum which is located in a historic building that was designed and constructed in 1820. The displays and exhibits are related to the history of Ocean County and the state of New Jersey in general and there’s also a research center and genealogical library to explore. While there are countless iconic landmarks in Jackson, some might suggest that visiting Pine Creek Railroad in Farmingdale and Stephen Crane House are must tries. Pine Creek is the oldest operating narrow gauge railroad in the country; it offers train rides throughout the year on weekends while people will get to learn more about Stephen Crane’s childhood, a famous author; it is one of the oldest homes in Asbury Park and plays host to intimate cultural programs.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

The outdoor attractions in Jackson range from scenic parks to marinas. Visitors can get the charter bus driver to bring them to Paragon Farm for some horseback riding lessons or enjoy one of the prestigious horse shows or bring their friends to Barrow Beach which is also called the land of the midnight sun where the sun never sets throughout the months of July and August! Imagine, there would be sunlight even if you visited the beach at midnight. There’s more than 2,000 acres of wooded areas with trails, an archery range and a 17-acre lake for boating, fishing and ice-skating (during winter) at Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold, 150-acres worth of campgrounds, ballfields, basketball and tennis courts and children’s playground at Lakewood Pine Park, amenities like fields, gorgeous and calming streams as well as forested areas at Quail Hill Scout Reservation, and boat launch areas, fishing, crabbing amenities and a children’s playground at Traders Cove Marina and Park in Brick, NJ, approximately 25 minutes drive away.

Zoos & Aquariums

The Six Flags Safari is located on the site of Six Flags Great Adventure - it offers guests the opportunity to experience a real African Safari through an open-air jeep tour across the panoramic landscape. This activity is an absolute MUST for those who are visiting Jackson with their kids or students.

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