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Discover the Mile Square City on a Bus Rental and Charter in Hoboken

Ride a bus rental and charter in Hoboken and discover the city.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken might be a small city, but it is home to more than 50,000 people. the city holds the distinction as the most walkable city in the United States, but do not let this stop you from getting a bus rental and charter in Hoboken, New Jersey to make your trip even more convenient and luxurious.

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Arts and culture. A visit to Hoboken will not be complete without a visit to Frank Sinatra's birthplace, where you could find the bronze star and brick arch that honors the city's favorite son. You should also go the Frank Sinatra walking tour to learn more about the man and his music.

You could also see the latest movies at Clearview Cinema, or catch a live performance at Mile Square Theatre.

Further, Check out the Macy's Parade Studio where you could find the floats that were used for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Or have great fun at Maxwell's, a live music venue that has featured the greatest alternative bands onstage such as REM, the Smashing Pumpkins, the Offspring and Nirvana.

Lastly, see the many artworks at Monroe Center for the Arts.

Events. There are several yearly events that happen in Hoboken. Be sure to catch the:

  • Feast of Saint Anthony's
  • Frank Sinatra Idol Contest
  • Hoboken Arts and Music Festival
  • Hoboken Comedy Festival
  • Hoboken Garden Tour
  • Hoboken House Tour
  • Hoboken International Film Festival
  • Hoboken Italian Festival
  • Hoboken Studio Tour
  • Movies Under the Stars
  • Saint Ann's Feast
  • Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Shopping and dining. Check out the Hoboken Farmer's Market if you are in the city from June to October. The market is open every Tuesday. Or you could get great desserts, cookies and other fine food at Carlo's Bake Shop, where the hit show Cake Boss is filmed.

As for food and restaurants, you should go on the Hoboken Food and Culture Tour, which brings you to several food spots in the city that are not always open to the public. Check out the Cake Boss at his own bakery, or eat bread baked inside a coal-fired oven. Or you can eat at Fiore's and Lisa's. You could also have red velvet cupcakes at Sweet, or find the best pizzas at Grimaldi's Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria. You can then have a great cup of joe at Empire Coffee and Tea Co.

Other places you should not miss here:

  • Amanda's
  • Anthony David's Gourmet Market
  • Augustino's
  • Bin 14
  • Cucharamama
  • Dino & Harry's Steakhouse
  • Elysian CafĂ©
  • Karma Kafe
  • La Isla Restaurant
  • The Fig Tree
  • Trattoria Soporito
  • Zafra
Hoboken, History and landmarks

History and landmarks. Learn more about the city's history at the Hoboken Historical Museum (Hoboken, NJ 07030) where you can see a lot of artifacts and displays that touches on the city, the Hudson River and other facets of life here. You should also visit Hoboken Terminal's main waiting room, which was built in 1907 and has great Tiffany skylights, vaulted ceilings and other designs.

You can also get on a bus rental and charter in Hoboken and visit the many historic buildings and landmarks in the city. Go to the Association of Exempt Firemen Building, which was built in the 1870s and designed by Francis George Himpler. The building now houses a museum that features firefighters' memorabilia. If you are strolling down Washington St., check out the Yellow Flats, which used to be the former home Hetty Green and Blind tom Wiggins.

Hoboken also has several historic firehouses: Engine Company No. 2, Engine Company No. 3, Engine Company No. 4, Engine Company No. 5, Engine Company No. 6, Engine House No. 3, Truck No. 2.

Other sites you should see:

  • Church of Our Lady of Grace, which was built in the 1870s and features a Gothic architecture designed by William Whyte and Francis Himpler.
  • Church of the Holy Innocents, which was designed by Henry Vaughan and Edward Tuckerman Potter.
  • Hoboken Terminal
  • Firemen's Monument
  • First Baptist Church
  • Hoboken City Hall
  • Hoboken Land and Improvement Company Building
  • Jefferson Trust Company
  • Keuffel and Esser Manufacturing Complex
  • Edwin A. Stevens Hall
  • United Synagogue of Hoboken

Apart from these historic sites, you can also check out the following landmarks:

  • Clam Broth House
  • DeBaun Auditorium
  • Hoboken Free Public Library
  • Hoboken Projects
  • Hudson Tea Building
  • Marineview Plaza
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Sybil's Cave
  • The miracle statue
  • Weehawken Cove

Lastly, Hoboken is the site of the first baseball game. You can pay homage at the intersection of Washington and 11th Streets, where you could find a plaque that commemorates the game.

Parks and outdoors. The city has several parks where you could enjoy great outdoor fun. One of the best places to jog, bike or hike is the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, where you could see wonderful views of New York City.

Here is a listing of the city's parks and the facilities they have on site.

Hoboken, Parks and outdoors
  • 1600 Park - sports fields, dog run and great views.
  • Castle Point Skate Park - skateboarding facilities.
  • Church Square Park - dog run, playground, basketball court.
  • Columbus Park - Playground, tennis and basketball courts
  • Community Garden - Playground
  • Elysian Park - Dog run, playground, basketball court.
  • Erie-Lackawana Park
  • Gateway Park
  • Harborside Park - Playground
  • Jackson St. Park
  • Jefferson Park - Play area for toddlers
  • Legion Park - Play area
  • Madison St. Park
  • Maxwell Place Park - Swimming beach, waterfronts
  • Multi Service Center - Basketball court, roller rink
  • Pier A Park - Fishing, gardens, gazebo, sunbathing
  • Pier C Park - Fishing, play area, water play area, birdwatching, promenades
  • Shipyard Park
  • Sinatra Park - Kayaking, soccer field, amphitheater
  • Stevens Park - Little League baseball

On top of the marvelous parks, you could also stroll down Washington Street, which has been named as one of the top ten streets in the country. Or you could go up to the Castle Point Lookout and be treated to splendid views of the city and Manhattan.

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