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The Top 4 Things You Could Do with a Charter Bus in Garfield

A charter bus in Garfield, New Jersey is great in exploring the city.

If you are new to a place, nothing helps more than having a professional driver to take you around the city. And when you get a charter bus in Garfield, New Jersey, that is one of the benefits that you get to enjoy. On top of being driven by a courteous driver who knows his or her way around the city, you also get a clean and top of the line bus that ensures that you are comfortable when you travel!

Fall in love on a charter bus in Garfield.

Garfield is a city of more than 30,000 people and it is a wonderful place to live. Get on a charter bus in Garfield, New Jersey and find out why people fall in love with the place enough to want to live in it.

Here are the top four activities that you can do with a charter bus in Garfield, New Jersey:

1. Eat! Order the steaks, garlic bread and the grilled meats at Christian's Steak & Grill (Garfield, NJ 07026), and get ready for an affordable yet delicious meal. Or you could enjoy the seafood and the alcohol at DP's Pub, and the comfort food at Steve's Burgers. Taste the best pizzas at Rosa Italiana, Santoni's Ristorante & Pizzeria or La Bella Pizza. Order great American fare at Blackjack Mulligan's Public House or Italian food at Goodfellas Ristorante, Sicily Pizzeria & Trattoria, North Jersey Ravioli and La Cambusa.

Other restaurants you should not miss:

  • Barb's Weenie Wagon,
  • Barcelona's Restaurant & Bar,
  • BBQ Grill,
  • Golden Eagle Deli,
  • La Fortaleza Restaurant,
  • Lunch Box CafĂ©,
  • Pip's Tavern, and
  • The Firehouse Family Restaurant.

2. Parks and fitness. Garfield has a lot of programs for fitness and sports. And there are some notable sites here as well. Check out Jewell Street Spray Park, which is one of the most fun attractions in the city. It has a spray park, a huge playground area that features slides, swings and helps the kids become more active while also beating the summer heat.

Meanwhile, the city's Outwater Lane YMCA features great activities for people of all ages. It has facilities for swimming, basketball as well as other sports and activities. Then you have the Dahnert Lake County Park features a roller hockey facility as well as concrete pathways. Get fit here while enjoying great vistas.

The 20th Century Park, on the other hand, has a handful of softball fields, a playground, soccer and football fields, bocce courts, and a walking trail. This is also where the Garfield Y 5K Boilermaker Run and the Park-Bike Rodeo events are held.

Other parks you could visit in the city include:

  • Lizette Street Park, where your kids could play with a jungle gym or just enjoy the open field
  • Columbus Park
  • Garden East Court Park
  • Belmont Oval
  • Malcolm Ave. Playground
  • Hobart Place Playground

3. City Hall. Visit Garfield's City Hall and see the government in action while also admiring the architecture of the building that was once a component of the Phoenix Woolen Mill building.

4. See the Post Ford at River Drive. This monument is where the Hessian and British forces crossed the Passaic from the city going after George Washington's army. From here, you could get on a charter bus in Garfield and visit other monuments, markers and memorials such as the George Washington 1776 Marker on 33 Outwater Lane.

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