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Rent a Bus Charter in Moss Point, Mississippi and Get to Know this Sleepy Town

Moss Point in Mississippi has been slapped with a lot of negative reports because of its crime rate, which is higher than the national rate. Sometimes, the negative reports cover up the good things about Moss Point, which are a lot. For one, it is a great city that values its environment. The riverfront has some exciting activities and the postcard-perfect Spanish moss hanging on century-old oak trees line up the gulf coast. Get that charter bus in Moss Point, Mississippi to tour this beautiful scenery.

For a long time, Moss Point was actually popular in other countries for exporting pine lumber. That was until 1910 when the business fizzled. But there are still a lot of pine trees around town, so tourists can still see some of them while going around the area on board a charter bus in Moss Point, Mississippi.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

Moss Point is also known as the Historic River City, so a lot of its entertainment is related to water. There are a lot of water sports offered in Moss Point. Residents do not feel the need for an amusement park because the Historic River City is big enough to gather hundreds of friends and family for a dip. Boating and fishing are also two of the most popular activities in Moss Point. Boat owners actually have a booming business in the city. A handful of residents and a lot of tourists also enjoy water skiing. Private individuals are also introducing new water activities almost every year to rehabilitate the city's reputation and become a prime tourist stop in Mississippi.

Restaurants & Shopping

With Moss Point right on the riverfront, diners are expected to have the best seafood in the city. NT's Cajun Seafood has a wide menu of seafood: shrimps, crabs, fish, shells, and crayfish, among others. But aside from seafood, other cuisines are also popular in Moss Point. There are, in fact, a number of Mexican restaurants: Moe's Southwest Grill, Coco Loco Mexican Restaurant, and Hacienda San Miguel. For some Southern cuisine, Sisters Place is a local favorite with the best fried chicken and pork chops in town.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The City Hall in Moss Point is an interesting structure. It is so basic that it is almost art. It is a rectangular building with equally divided rooms.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

The entire Moss Point is like a huge park in itself. Passing through the area on a charter bus in Moss Point, Mississippi is like seeing a sea of green. Large trees lining up with moss snaking through them. There are so many species of trees in Moss Point, including pine, pecan, and dogwood. Then there are the beautiful flowers like magnolias, wisteria and crepe myrtle.

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Nature lovers will enjoy this place. Those who do not care for nature will appreciate it, too. So book a charter bus in Moss Point, Mississippi by calling 1-866-569-2012 or get an online quote from BusRental.com.