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Tour the "City Beautiful" Aboard a Bus Charter in Laurel, Mississippi

Know why Laurel merited the moniker "the City Beautiful." From the oak trees lining up the beautiful coast to the lovely river, it definitely has an abundance of breathtaking scenery. And this makes it a great place to visit or to call home. So why not take a bus rental and charter in Laurel, Mississippi and enjoy the picturesque city?

Laurel was incorporated in 1882 as a lumber town, so when going around the area on a bus rental and charter in Laurel, Mississippi, one will not miss the evidence of being a lumber town. But even more evident in the city are the laurel thickets, after which the city was named.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

There are over 18,500 people living in Laurel and there are two major amusement parks or gaming centers that cater to the thousands of youth in the city. These are the Power Play Laurel and the South Mississippi Fair Grounds Magnolia Center. Locals do not have to go to another city to enjoy.

Arts & Culture

The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art is the oldest museum in Mississippi. It has successfully preserved important historical items that helped shape Laurel. There is also the Eastman Memorial Foundation, which preserved some documents pertaining to Laurel's history. The city also has its own Veterans Memorial Museum to commemorate the lives lost to save the country.

Restaurants & Shopping

Mississippi as a state is really known for its sumptuous food. This is evident in the expansive cuisine available in Laurel. Take a bus rental and charter in Laurel, Mississippi around Central St. or Highway 15 or to Magnolia St. and find the best restaurants the city has to offer. Among the local favorites are:

  • La Fleur CafĂ©, which is popular for its pastries
  • Tokyo, a Japanese restaurant
  • The Loft, which serves fusion cuisine
  • Vic's, where you can get sumptuous American cuisine
  • Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant

Meanwhile, the most famous shopping destination in the city is Sawmill Square Mall, which creatively used the city's lumber history in its name.

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

Do check out these golf courses in Laurel: Dixie Golf Association, Practice Tee and Tennis Shop, and the Laurel Country Club.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

Right in the heart of the Laurel Central Historic District is the Pinehurst Hotel. The original hotel was mostly demolished but parts of it were revived and later entered into the National Register of Historic Places. So make sure to take that bus rental and charter in Laurel, Mississippi to the Pinehurst Hotel.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

Because Laurel is a wide area, it is a great place to bring an RV and park it in the Sleepy Hollow RV Park. Locals also enjoy visiting William Mason Park.

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Going around Laurel is like a lesson in history. It is a great place to learn about the past, particularly in the area of lumber. So book a bus rental and charter in Laurel, Mississippi by calling 1-866-569-2012 or get an online quote from BusRental.com.