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Swim into a Sea of Cotton on a Bus Rental and Charter in Greenwood, Mississippi

Greenwood is known as the Cotton Capital of the World. Historically, Native Americans and Europeans were the earliest settlers of Greenwood. However, currently, majority or over 60 percent of the population is composed of blacks. This is because Greenwood has a lot of cotton fields and owners purchased hundreds of slaves to till the land. Eventually, former slaves were freed and bought their own lands in Greenwood. Now hop on a bus rental and charter in Greenwood, Mississippi and relish the rich cultural and historical attractions that abound here.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

The entire state of Mississippi is not too fond of themed parks. But Greenwood is among the few that actually has an entertainment center. The Southern Amusement Co. is a favorite hangout place for the young ones and the young at heart, so take that bus rental and charter in Greenwood, Mississippi to be amused.

Arts & Culture

Mississippi's arts and culture hovers around music, particularly jazz and blues. On Howard Street stands a Mississippi Blues Trail (the trails are methodically spread in the entire state), where the radio station WGRM used to be. It is a popular radio station because it was where BB King first made his broadcast.

Understand the history that landed the city the nickname "Cotton Capital of the World" and know how this cotton industry started by visiting the Cottonlandia Museum.

Also take time to understand the city's culture and history through the Back in the Day Museum.

Restaurants & Shopping

Giardina's Restaurant serves catfish, skirt steak and more. It has great food and the restaurant is spacious and clean. The servers are great too. Crystal Grill serves American favorites and so does Deltra Bistro Pub. Of course, every city needs a great Mexican restaurant like San Miguel Archangel.

For those who want to shop, there are over 200 merchants in Greenwood selling different kinds of stuff. So get that bus rental and charter in Greenwood, Mississippi and tour the city to buy the perfect souvenirs for friends and family.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

Rather than individual structures, the historical sites in Greenwood are districts, like the Central Commercial and Railroad Historic District and the Cotton Row District. Drive around these historical districts to understand the cotton and music culture of Greenwood.

But there are also other landmarks in the city, one of which is the Viking Corporate Headquarters. The area occupies two blocks and is home to an opera house and some cotton factories. Staplcotn Cooperative is another Greenwood gem that markets 20 percent of the cotton grown in the country. The century-old Confederate Memorial Building is another tourist site worth visiting.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

If you want to experience the outdoors and enjoy various recreational activities in the city, then visit its parks, including Deco Park Ave., North Park Church, Florewood River Plantation State Park, and Garden Park Adult Day Center.

You will need a bus rental and charter in Greenwood, Mississippi to drive you around the city. Call us at 1-866-569-2012.

Greenwood is rich in culture and history. Call 1-866-569-2012 to book a bus rental and charter in Greenwood, Mississippi or go to BusRental.com to get an online quote.