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A Bus Rental in Revere, MA Allows You to Discover the City in Utmost Luxury

Traveling with a big group? Get a 49-passenger bus rental in Revere, Massachusetts!

Revere, Massachusetts

With more than 51,000 people calling it home, Revere has some great attractions that are sure to wow you. This is the reason why it makes perfect sense for you to get on a 49-passenger bus rental in Revere, Massachusetts. You and your group can comfortably see the many attractions the city has to offer!

A 49-passenger bus rental in Revere, MA can help you uncover the hidden gems in the city!

The city has been named after Paul Revere, who is an important figure in the American Revolutionary War, having set up a system to help alert local forces against incoming British forces. Today, however, the city is particularly proud of its 2.5 mile beach – Revere Beach – as well as its other attractions. So get on a 49-passenger bus rental in Revere and see the following attractions:

Arts & Culture

Check out the Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival, where you could see sand sculptures made by 20 or so of the world's best sculptors.

Restaurants & Shopping

In Revere, you could eat at a fast food outlet that was opened in 1951, Kelly's Roast Beef. The eatery claims that it invented the roast beef sandwich. It is also where you would find the longest-running candy company in the whole country, Necco.

Some of the best restaurants in the city include:

  • Beachmont Roast Beef
  • Bianchi's Pizza
  • Billy Tse Restaurant
  • New Deal Fruit
  • New Shanghai Express
  • Peter Woo's
  • Peter's Super Beef
  • Sabella's Ravioli
  • Sebastian's

On the other hand, if you want great items at very low prices, check out the Revere Flea Market.

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

You could have fun on the ice at the Cronin Skating Rink (Revere, MA 02151) or play disc golf and golf at King of Swing Golf & Hockey. You can get into some spectator sports at Harry Della Russo Football Stadium and Greater Boston Indoor Sports Center, or you can drop in at the Youth Center for some great activities for kids and teens.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The city of Revere has historic places that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These are:

  • Church of Christ
  • Immaculate Conception Rectory
  • Mary T. Ronan School
  • Revere Beach Reservation
  • Revere Beach Reservation Historic District
  • Revere City Hall and Police Station
  • Rumney Marsh Burying Ground
  • Winthrop Parkway

This is a very manageable number and you can probably see all of these historic sites in one day, especially if you have a bus rental in Revere, Massachusetts to shuttle you and your group around. Be sure to linger at the Rumney Marsh Burying Ground, where you could find the graves of Deane Winthrop, the son of Massachusetts Bay Colony governor John Winthrop, the fighting pastor Phillips Payson, and the graves of 16 slaves as well as veterans of four wars.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

You could find the oldest public beach in the country here in the city, the Revere Beach. The beach was once a powerhouse entertainment spot where amusement parks and carnivals used to attract people from all over the area. But the beach began to decline in the 60s and was hit hard by the Great Blizzard of '78. The city, however, focused on revitalizing the beach and now it is home to high-rise residences, restored amenities and a great boulevard.

Revere, Parks & Outdoor Activities

You could also visit Short Beach, where things are quieter.

Parks in the area include:

  • Ambrose Park
  • Frederick's Park
  • Costa Park
  • Curtis Park
  • DeStoop Park
  • Gibson Park
  • Hill Park, where you can find a softball field, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a playground
  • Liberty Park
  • Sonny Myers Park

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