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Rent a Charter Bus and Enjoy in Braintree, Massachusetts

Braintree, Massachusetts

The city of Braintree in Massachusetts is the hometown of two presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, as well as other famous individuals, like John Hancock and General Sylvanus Thayer. Even celebrities we know today, like Mark Wahlberg and Chris Doherty, came from Braintree. However, despite the many notable personalities who were born and who grew up here, Braintree remains a simple and quiet town.

Braintree, which is still officially known as a town and is only considered a city under Massachusetts law, is part of the Greater Boston area. And while it lacks the kind of attractions and landmarks that bigger cities have, Braintree has its own share of scenic sites and historic venues worth visiting.

So get a 24-passenger bus rental in Braintree, Massachusetts, and see these sites for yourselves. These places include:

  • G. Murray Smith Beach (Braintree, MA 02184)
  • Sunset Lake (Braintree, MA 02184), which is a lake and a beach where families can have picnics, and go fishing or swimming. Summer concerts are held here every Tuesday.
  • Pond Meadow Park (Braintree, MA 02184), which is a 320-acre park with a pond, a bicycle path, and a few nature trails and where you and your group can go fishing, hiking, scout camping, and picnicking.
  • F1 Boston (Braintree, MA 02184), which is a multifaceted entertainment facility that contains two indoor racetracks, a shopping center, a billiards parlor and a restaurant.
  • General Sylvanus Thayer Birthplace (Braintree, MA 02184), where the "Father of West Point" was born and where you can see a fine collection of pre-19th century furnishings.

Hop on a bus rental in Braintree, Massachusetts and experience the old-town charms of this city.

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