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Boston Charter Bus Rentals

Boston, Arts & Culture

When your destination is Boston, whether on a trip with family and friends or a corporate outing, there's no better way to travel than with a charter bus rental from BusRental.com. We've set the standard for coach travel to and around Boston for over 30 years, offering an unmatched fleet of sumptuous and spacious buses, with all the modern amenities. With our extensive network of service providers, it's almost never too late to book a charter bus and travel in style. There's more good news, too - there's no mode of travel that's easier to set up - just call us at 1-888-502-3458 and talk to one of our knowledgeable and courteous agents, or contact us online. Book your excursion to Boston today!

On Your Way to Boston? Let Us Handle Everything

Whether it's Faneuil Hall or Bunker Hill, Fenway Park or a concert at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston is an exciting place for any type of outing. One of the nation's oldest cities, it's a historical mecca, with many key events from the American Revolution memorialized here. When you're comparing the different ways to travel to "the Hub," you'll find nothing that offers all the great benefits of a charter bus from BusRental.com:

  • A charter bus gives you unlimited flexibility. You won't be on one of those pre-packaged trips, but will be able to customize your travel to go exactly where you want to go when you want to be there.
  • Though you'll want to reserve your coach as early as possible - you'll have more choices and you'll probably save money - there's usually no problem with booking a trip or making changes to your itinerary at the last minute. Our vast network of service providers allows us to adapt to your needs.
  • There'll be no worries about missed connections or lost luggage - With a charter bus, you'll travel on the same coach throughout your trip, and your luggage will always be with you. We'll take you from door-to-door, everywhere you go.
  • Charter bus travel is earth-friendly - When you put all your fellow travelers on the same bus, it dramatically reduces your carbon footprint!

And If That Wasn't Enough…

There are even more compelling reasons to travel by charter bus rental:

  • It's the real "hands-free, feet up" way to travel - You'll never have to worry about looking at a map or checking your GPS. You won't have concerns about where to park, getting to the show on time, or fighting traffic in the city. Relax with friends and family while we do all the work!
  • It's not air travel! - You won't have to stand in a TSA line, remove your shoes or turn circles in a security scan. And you can have any device on at any time - you won't have someone hanging over your shoulder telling you to put your phone on "bus mode."
  • You're free to move around - You won't be strapped into a tiny seat. In fact, you'll have a lot more room between you and the seat in front of you and you'll find it easy to move up and down the spacious aisles…and you can do that whenever you choose!
  • We take great care to ensure that our drivers are highly trained and ready to respond appropriately to any challenges on the road. In addition, because there's only one way on and off the bus, you won't have to worry about unwanted guests, and you and your personal items will always be secure.

At BusRental.com, we strive to make the reservation process as easy as possible. Visit our world-class online automated quote system or call us at 1-888-502-3458 to get a free quote or to talk to one of our experienced agents.

A Charter Bus Rental - The Perfect Answer for Any Event

Wherever you go and whatever you plan to do in Boston, BusRental.com has a coach that will meet all your needs. Maybe it's a bachelor party or the celebration of a family milestone - our Executive Sprinter Van will accommodate 12 people comfortably, with plenty of space for bags and mementos. If you're traveling to Boston with a group of 24 to 35 people, our mini-bus will fit the bill. Even if it's a huge event, it's no problem - we have coaches that seat as many as 57 passengers and multiple coaches are always available. For a party that they won't soon forget, consider one of our customized "party" buses, with high-end stereos systems and seating for 20 to 40 guests.

A charter bus rental is ideal for any type of outing, including:

  • School or church trips - With a school or church trip, you want a safe way to travel that minimizes the stress of keeping everyone together. A charter bus rental addresses all your concerns. You won't have to worry about kids getting lost or church member trying to find their way to your destination.
  • Business meetings or company events - When you use a charter bus for corporate or business outings, whether they're team-building events, conferences or training sessions, you'll know that everyone will be there on time and ready to go. You'll also have the benefit of the time spent on the bus, where employees can get to know each other, engage in team-building, or participate in final prep for the meeting.
  • Games, concerts or other events - There's no better way to take a large group of fans to a Sox or Patriots game, or to catch a stadium show at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. We'll take you right to the gate or the front door and pick you up when it's over.
  • Family events - A charter bus ride with family - there's no better way to get you to and from a reunion, a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, a graduation gala, or a wedding. The ride is the perfect time to catch up with family members that you haven't seen in a while, and it's a great way to encourage more people to participate.

Just a Few of the Many Great Attractions in Boston

Boston, Historical Sites & Landmarks
  • Historic Sites and Landmarks: Boston is home to many of the most famous historic sites in the United States. The Old North Church is here, where Paul Revere spotted the two lanterns telling of the British invasion by sea. You can visit the site of the Boston Massacre, the Boston Common and take a walking tour along the Boston Freedom Trail.
  • Sports Venues and Golf Courses: Boston boasts successful franchises in all four major sports, with the Red Sox at Fenway Park, the Patriots at nearby Foxboro, and the Celtics and Bruins both playing at TD Bank Garden. If you're looking to get 9 or 18 in, there are a number of outstanding public courses, including Red Tail, the International Golf Club Oaks Course, George Wright, William J. Devine and Granite Links.
  • Arts and Culture: There's no end to the cultural attractions in Beantown. The Museum of Fine Arts, one of the largest in the nation, has works from Renoir, Pissarro, Monet and Mary Cassatt. Wally's Café is one of the top jazz joints on the East Coast, and the Huntington Theatre Company is among the best in all New England. There's also the Fenway Cultural District, home to many performing arts companies.
  • Parks and Outdoor Activities: If you find yourself in need of fresh air, just step outside - there's a park within 10 minutes. Locals love the Arnold Arboretum, as well as Piers Park, where you'll feel like you're getting back to nature.
  • Shopping and Restaurants: There's something for every shopper in Boston, from the eclectic shops at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Downtown Crossing to all your favorite retailers at the mall at Copley Place. When you're hungry, you'll find hundreds of restaurants offering a wide array of cuisine, from the Galley Diner to the fine food at Aquitaine, Erbaluce or Toro.

How Much Will It Cost to Rent a Charter Bus?

One of the most attractive features of a charter bus rental is the flexibility you get - you can travel long or short distances, or be gone for hours or days. Accordingly, the cost of renting a charter bus trip can vary significantly, based on where you go, how long you're gone, and when you travel.

Here are some recommendations to help you get the best price on a charter bus rental:

  • Book your excursion as soon as possible, to ensure that you have more choices
  • If expect to stay overnight on the way to Boston, remember that you'll have to pay for your driver's lodging for the night. Check with your hotel to see if they'll offer free or discounted rooms for the driver.
  • Ask the hotel or the event venue where your bus can park at no or little cost

Reserve Your Charter Bus Trip to Boston Today

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