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Ride a Bus Rental in New Orleans and Get a Dose of Culture

A bus rental in New Orleans to take you all around the Big Easy!

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a major port and the biggest city in the State of Louisiana. The city is home to around 350,000 people. However, New Orleans' biggest draw is its rich cultural heritage. Plus, you definitely will love New Orleans for all the things you can do here. So get on a bus rental in New Orleans and explore the Big Easy!

Voodoo and Culture, experience both with a 49-passenger bus rental in New Orleans

Fascinating does not begin to describe New Orleans. The culture here comes from all around: Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and from other places, too. So it is not surprising to have attractions, activities, food and shopping here that are reflective of these cultures. Expect a great time here but make it even greater with a bus rental in New Orleans to make it convenient for you and your group to get around.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

In New Orleans, you do not have to go far for a fun time in amusement parks. Go to Carousel Gardens Amusement Park (New Orleans, LA 70124)

Arts & Cultural

There are several arts and culture events and attractions happening in New Orleans.

Arts. There are art festivals such as the Whitney White Linen Nights (New Orleans, LA 70310), Arts for Arts's Sake (New Orleans, LA 70310) and Dirty Linen Night (New Orleans, LA 70116).

Art museums also abound here. There's the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans, LA 70130), the New Orleans Museum of Art (New Orleans, LA 70124), and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art (New Orleans, LA 70130).

There are also several art museums that are housed within the many colleges and universities in the city. Check out the Diboll Gallery at Loyola University (New Orleans, LA 70118), George and Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art (New Orleans, LA 70130) and Newcomb Art Gallery (New Orleans, LA 70118).

Performing Arts. New Orleans is home to a variety of theater companies, including a bevy of college groups, community theaters and smaller groups. Check out Broadway in New Orleans, where you have six different Broadway musicals touring the city every season. Then there is the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans, LA 70130) and the Stage Door Canteen (New Orleans, LA 70130) where you can catch performances all throughout the year.

Films. New Orleans also sees a lot of film festivals, such as the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, French Film Fest and the New Orleans Film Festival, among others.

Opera. Watching a New Orleans opera is being part of a tradition that dates back to more than 200 years. Be sure to catch the New Orleans Opera Association, the city's premiere opera group. There is also the Jefferson Performing Arts Society, the Bon Operatit!, the Loyola University Opera Theatre and the Opera on Tap.

Music. Classical music is well-celebrated in New Orleans, where you can listen to the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra as they play the best of Brahms, Mahler, Tchaikovsky and other classical composers.

Dance. Ballet performances are a staple in New Orleans, thanks to the New Orleans Ballet Association and the New Orleans Ballet Theatre.

Venues. There are several noteworthy venues in the city, including:

  • Anthony Bean Community Theater (New Orleans, LA 70118)
  • Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre (New Orleans, LA 70118)
  • Marigny Opera House (New Orleans, LA 70117)
  • Saenger Theatre (New Orleans, LA 70112)

Cultural museums. There are also cultural museums that can introduce you to the culture and heritage of different people. These museums include:

  • American Italian Cultural Center (New Orleans, LA 70130)
  • New Orleans African American Museum (New Orleans, LA 70119)
  • The Backstreet Cultural Museum (New Orleans, LA 70116)

Architecture. There are four different places where you could take in the best architecture in the city. Go to St. Charles Avenue and you can see the most beautiful homes in the area. Or find yourself blissfully lost in one of the gardens in New Orleans, such as the Besthoff Sculpture Garden (New Orleans, LA 70124), the Botanical Gardens (New Orleans, LA 70124) and Longue Vue House and Gardens (New Orleans, LA 70124). Then you could take a tour of the plantations in nearby cities.

Restaurants & Shopping

New Orleans Restaurants and Shopping

There are several shopping options in New Orleans. You could find the best antiques, art, vintage items and unique jewelry pieces here.

Check out the shops of Magazine Street and get anything from clothes to furnishings from well-known local designers.

You can visit the art galleries, restaurants and historic hotels as well as view architecture on Royal Street. Or maybe visit the art markets or the antique shops throughout the city.

If you want to mix sightseeing with shopping, you can go to the French Quarter. The French Market is a shopping center with more than 220 vendors selling anything from paintings to clothing to specialty items.

Or find some unique items when you go shopping at occult and voodoo shops. Check out the best shopping outlets like Riverwalk Mall (New Orleans, LA 70130), the Shops at Canal Place (New Orleans, LA 70130), and the Shops at Jax Brewery (New Orleans, LA 70130).

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

New Orleans Golf and Sport Venues

If you are looking for a relaxing round of golf, you can just pop into a golf course here in New Orleans and enjoy a round or two.

Check out the following golf courses:

  • Audubon Park Golf Course (New Orleans, LA 70118)
  • Brechtel Memorial Park Municipal Golf Course (New Orleans, LA 70114)
  • City Park Driving Range (New Orleans, LA 70124)
  • City Putt (New Orleans, LA 70119)
  • English Turn (New Orleans, LA 70131)
  • Lakewood Golf Club (New Orleans, LA 70131)

New Orleans is home to two football teams, a baseball and basketball team. There is the Saints, the Pelicans, the Zephyrs to watch.

Go to the Voodoo Arena Football to catch some football games. Or you can just watch a game at any of these sports venues:

  • City Park Driving Range (New Orleans, LA 70124)
  • Equest Stables (New Orleans, LA 70124)
  • New Orleans Arena (New Orleans, LA 70113)
  • New Orleans Fair Grounds (New Orleans, LA 70119)
  • Pan American Stadium (New Orleans, LA 70130)
  • The Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans, LA 70112)
  • UNO Lakefront Arena (New Orleans, LA 70122)

Historical Sites & Landmarks

New Orleans Historical Sites and Landmarks

There are several well-known landmarks in New Orleans. For one, there is the French Quarter, which is the original site of the city. Today, the French Quarter is best known for the historical structures that it has along with the top entertainment venues here. The entire French Quarter is a historic landmark, due to its significance to the city and its role and contribution to jazz music.

Also in New Orleans is the grandfather of all domed stadiums, the Superdome and Bourbon Street, one of the most well-known streets in the world. Other landmarks in the city include:

  • Jackson Square (New Orleans, LA 70116)
  • St. Louis Cathedral (New Orleans, LA 70116)
  • Cafe du Monde (New Orleans, LA 70116)
  • The Streetcars
  • Canal Street (New Orleans, LA 70130)
  • Garden District (New Orleans, LA 70130)

Parks & Outdoor Activities

New Orleans Parks and Outdoor Activities

New Orleans's history and beauty can be seen in its squares and parks.

There are great parks here where you could spend an entire afternoon doing outdoor activities or just hanging around. Check out:

  • Audubon Park (New Orleans, LA 70118)
  • City Park (New Orleans, LA 70124)
  • Piazza d'Italia (New Orleans, LA 70130)
  • Spanish Plaza (New Orleans, LA 70130)
  • Woldenberg Park (New Orleans, LA 70130)

New Orleans also has great fishing holes, biking trails, bowling alleys, jogging and walking trails, and horseback stables.

Zoos & Aquariums

New Orleans Zoos and Aquariums

The Audubon Institute keeps the best places to see both domestic and exotic animals, insects and fishes through its Audubon Zoo (New Orleans, LA 70118), Audubon Insectarium (New Orleans, LA 70130) and Audubon Aquarium of the Americas (New Orleans, LA 70130).

Other Points of Interest

Even until today, it is very easy to see Voodoo's presence and influence on the city. So much so that there are three voodoo temples in the City, including the Island of Salvation Botanica (New Orleans, LA 70117), the Temple Simbi-sen Jak, and the Voodoo Spiritual Temple (New Orleans, LA 70116). There are voodoo shops as well, like the Marie Laveau House of Voodoo (New Orleans, LA 70116) and Reverend Zombie's House of Voodoo (New Orleans, LA 70130).

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