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Get Onboard a Charter Bus in Shively, Kentucky and Taste the Best Whiskey

Is it a farm town or a whisky town? It's known as both and to understand why, take a charter bus in Shively, Kentucky.

After Louisville was formed in the "Falls of the Ohio," farm towns were spread in the nearby areas. That includes Shively, which was known by different names then. The earliest settlers in the area include the Shivelys - Christian William and Jacob - who owned a large farm in the area. Back then, the city was known as St. Helen because of the imposing St. Helen's Catholic Church, which one can still see and visit through a charter bus in Shively, Kentucky.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

In the late 19th century, German immigrants, mostly from Bavaria, settled in Shively. They built St. Helen's and opened at least eight distilleries in the city, following the end of prohibition. So it's no surprise that the best form of entertainment in the town is drinking. Bulleit Experience at Stitzel Weller provides an unforgettable drinking experience in Shively. Get a drink and head to the bourbon trail in Shively.

The main reason the city earned the nickname Lively Shively was because of the booming prostitution in the 1980s. But more than 30 years later, Lively Shively refers to the bright and sunny disposition of the residents.

Arts & Culture

Culturally, Shively residents are lively people, earning the city the moniker "Lively Shively." But that wasn't always the case. In 1954, black Korean War veteran Andrew Wade IV and wife Charlotte moved into this predominantly white neighborhood. The Wades were widely discriminated to the point where people were terrorizing their house.

But take a tour of the city through a charter bus in Shively, Kentucky and see how peaceful the city is now. Get to know Lively Shively better.

Restaurants & Shopping

To experience soul food at its best, head on to Franco's where pork is best eaten with good conversations. The people here, both the servers and the patrons, are very friendly, which makes the food taste better.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The St. Helen's Catholic Church is the most popular landmark in Shively, Kentucky. Through the years, the Church has evolved that at one point, it has its own school. But since the school wasn't functional anymore, it was demolished, which left a bitter taste in the mouths of the pastoral council. They said it was the most difficult decision they had to make.

Other Points of Interest

Activist Anne Braden wrote The Wall Between about the fate of the Wades, who were discriminated and whose house were attacked repeatedly, the most prominent of which is the bombing that eventually led the Wades out of the city. Get the charter bus in Shively, Kentucky to detour to the area where the Wades' house used to stand.

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Prostitution and racism used to be part of the history of Shively, but visiting the city now, it's anything but that. Call 1-866-569-2012 to hire a charter bus in Shively, Kentucky now!