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Visit the City of Beautiful Homes Onboard a Bus Charter in Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Well-preserved historical houses, architectural gems, and some Romanesque influence - these are just some of the things one sees when wandering through a bus charter in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. This city of about 16,000 people was once the place for the great Indian battle. Hundreds of tombs were once unearthed in the area. But while archaeologists have found enough artifacts in the city, it is said that it is not uncommon for hikers to find arrow heads and other Indian relics.

Arts & Culture

Take a bus charter in Fort Thomas, Kentucky and discover why the city is also known as a Cake Town. The city has a custom of preparing a large cake during a celebration of a high school football team's victory. Because of this tradition, locals of Fort Thomas were also known as cake eaters. The tradition has gone beyond football and is considered just a local custom.

The city is also home to some dance studios - Dance Express, Kaleidoscope Dance, and Pearman Dance. Performing artists from these studios sometimes perform at the Village Players of Fort Thomas. For some still arts, Artscapade is the place to be.

Restaurants & Shopping

Take time to shop in either Fort Thomas Central or Blue Marble Books, which are favorites among locals, for some great and unique finds.

Dining in Fort Thomas is definitely an experience. No visitor in Fort Thomas should leave the place without trying the Twisted Ham and Cheese in the Cobblestone Café. New Garden is the best Chinese restaurant in town while the 915 Pub and Grill have the best American food in Fort Thomas. But no American city exists without a good pizza place and Fort Thomas Pizza and Tavern is the perfect place to represent.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The most popular and important structure in Fort Thomas is the 102-feet Stone Water Tower. It is the symbol of a city, which was once an American military fort.

Take that bus charter in Fort Thomas, Kentucky around the city and discover the houses that gave the city its moniker - the City of Beautiful Homes. Most of the houses are made of bricks. Also head downtown for some simple yet attractive architecture in the municipal building, fire department and police station.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

The Highland Hills Park is beloved by kids, adults and senior citizens. It is a park that transcends generations and status. Children will love the big playground while senior citizens will love the fresh breeze. Hikers will enjoy the sea of green grass and some imposing trees that change color depending on the season. Dog-lovers also have a place in this park.

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Know how the old folks live by experiencing what Fort Thomas has to offer: more homey architecture, less entertainment. Hire a bus charter in Fort Thomas, Kentucky and check out this peaceful city. Get an online quote from BusRental.com or call 1-866-569-2012.