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Know this Acclaimed City through a Charter Bus in Winfield, Kansas

Board a charter bus in Winfield, Kansas to get to know the wonderful community included in the list of 100 best small towns in America. The community is indeed small, with just over 12,000 residents.

Take note that this progressive city has never sacrificed nature in the name of development. It has preserved history, which is what makes it a great "small town." Taking that charter bus in Winfield, Kansas is key to exploring its beauty.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

The Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce initiated the annual Discover Cowley County Treasure Hunt to encourage camaraderie among county residents, including those from Winfield. While not even a decade old, this tradition is one that Winfield locals look forward to every year.

But for those who prefer music as entertainment, the Winfield Country Roundup is the place where local artists rock on.

Arts & Culture

Winfield's top performing artists are from the Winfield Community Theatre, Dance Camp Studio, Edge Performing Arts Centre and Uptown Productions School of Fine Arts.

The Winfield Arts and Humanities Council has a hand in exhibiting the still art of local artists and guest artists, with the goal of encouraging the youth to be involved in the arts.

Restaurants & Shopping

A lot of gems can be found in this historical city. Check out Zantegirl Retro and Virginia Jarvis Antiques for treasures not found anywhere else. All it takes is a bit of patience. Patience is not necessary in finding a dining place in Winfield. There are so many to choose from: Kathryn's for traditional American dishes, El Maguey for some Mexican, Burger Station has some of the best burger selections in the city, and the Golden Dragon for some traditionally greasy Chinese.

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

The Quail Ridge Golf Course has amassed a few distinctions for three unique holes and for being a "bargain" golf course, as noted by the Golf Digest.

Winfield is also home to the Richard L. Jantz Stadium.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The Cowley County Historical Society Museum boasts of an architecturally important piece of history in Winfield. Make sure to check it out on board a charter bus in Winfield, Kansas. Its exhibit includes historical pieces of items from the people in Winfield and photos of early inhabitants.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

Winfield Fairgrounds is a place to camp or picnic. Camping is more fun along the Walnut River banks where deer and wild turkey are free to roam. It is a 5.5-acre property with a few campgrounds with limited electricity to make camping an authentic experience.

But the Fairgrounds is not just about nature as it is also a popular venue for festivals and concerts.

Other Points of Interest

Winfield City Lake is a popular venue for leisure fishing, boating, swimming and even water skiing. During the waterfowl season, the city also allows some hunting. But be sure to avail of the necessary permits.

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