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Discover a Village-City Through a Charter Bus in Prairie Village, Kansas

Is it a village or a city? Take that charter bus in Prairie Village, Kansas and enjoy the village feel in this multi-awarded city.

With just over 21,000 residents, Prairie Village is among the top five safest cities in Kansas and among the top five best suburbs in America. Touring the city through a charter bus in Prairie Village, Kansas is not just a joyful one but a safe and comfortable one, too.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

This village-cum-city doesn't boast much in terms of entertainment. But it does have Standees, a venue to watch a movie and have a dinner after; or dinner then a movie, which are two favorite American pastimes.

Arts & Culture

The R.G. Endres Gallery showcases a different artist every month, which means that there's never a time when the gallery is empty. The gallery also holds an annual juried competition among artists.

Also, every year, Prairie Village hosts a Jazz Festival, which has been praised by critics every now and then. It's a night of fun where thousands of people enjoy good music, good food and wonderful artistry.

Another cultural experience in the city is the Village Fest, where kids can enjoy a lot of fun activities like playing in the inflatables or doing arts and crafts; while the adults can rock-climb or enjoy live music throughout the day.

Everything, at least the most important ones, a person needs to know about the city has been written in a book entitled: Prairie Village Our Story.

Restaurants & Shopping

The Village is a mall in the city, aptly named because instead of an imposing feel, the entire mall has a village feel that is congruent with the entire theme of Prairie Village. It is home to a lot of shoppers' favorites like Macy's or a local favorite like RSVP in the Village.

As for dining, locals have a bias for American cuisine. It's no surprise there are a lot of American restaurants in Prairie Village. Among the most popular are: Story with its roasted beet salad and duck empanadas, Urban Table with its mini waffles and sweet potato fries, and Tavern in the Village with its ever popular sliders.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

Not a lot of visitors would want to drop by the library in a tour, but take that charter bus in Prairie Village, Kansas to the Corinth Library, one of 13 Johnson County Neighborhood libraries. The structure is a great backdrop for a photo opportunity!

Parks & Outdoor Activities

No matter how small a city, parks are necessary to make it liveable. Prairie Village is no exception:

  • Bennett Park
  • Harmon Park
  • Prairie Park
  • Santa Fe Trail Park
  • Windsor Park

Government offices like the City Hall, Community Center, Police Department, Pool Complex, and Public Works Facility are worth checking out because these public places are covered with lush green grass that's perfect for picnics.

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