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Take a Charter Bus in Pittsburg, Kansas to Enjoy Progress and Nature in Unison

Hop on a charter bus in Pittsburg, Kansas to see equal parts green and buildings in a city that puts a prime on economic stability. Coal mining played an important role in the city's economy.

The city was named after a city in Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh. A railroad built in the neighboring Pittsburgh brought business opportunities for the city of Pittsburg in Kansas. An important economic activity in Pittsburg was the coal-mining industry, which will have remnants that can be seen through a tour of the place aboard a charter bus in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

Kiddieland in Pittsburg can hardly be called an amusement park with just around seven rides. But it serves its purpose with the kids, who enjoy the amenities no matter how small these are. The city also has the seasonal Pittsburg Aquatic Center.

For the older ones, there are always the cinemas, like the cheaper Pittsburg 8 or the Colonial Fox Theater Foundation.

The 23rd Street Bike Park is also a great adventure trail to enjoy with friends and families.

Arts & Culture

Every September, Pittsburg, Kansas celebrates Little Balkans Day in celebration of the residents' European heritage. Back when coal mining was a major industry in the area, a lot of the migrant workers were from a region in Europe known as the Balkans. The celebration includes a number of games, entertainment and arts and crafts.

Restaurants & Shopping

The city has two major shopping malls: Meadow Brook Mall and Paradise Mall Antiques and Collectibles.

As for the restaurants, Pittsburg has an abundance of European eateries, logically because of the European migrants in the 1800s. For delicious delis, bagels and sandwiches, the Mall Deli is the perfect place. For a taste of Greek, Jo's Gyros is the place. Otto's Café also serves amazing breakfast meals.

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

As an industrial city, sports may be the last thing that Pittsburg officials think about. But it does have the Four Oaks Golf Course for its residents who want a birdie once in a while.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The Miners Memorial is a celebration of the miners that shaped the history of Pittsburg. The memorial contains a bronze statue of a miner and some nine monuments detailing history of mining in Pittsburg. These monuments are also etched with the names of the miners in the area. Those who died because of mining have stars beside their names. Make sure to take that charter bus in Pittsburg, Kansas and see this historical landmark.

The Colonial Fox Theater and the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church are other important landmarks in Pittsburg.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

Pittsburg boasts of 14 parks that are different from each other, for different outdoor activities. Some of these parks are:

  • Europe Park
  • Immigrant Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Sunflower Kiwanis Park
  • Wilderness Park

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