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Hop on a Bus Charter in Derby, Kansas to Cruise a Cozy City

Derby, Kansas

Formerly called El Paso after its neighboring city in Illinois, Derby, Kansas is home to less than 25,000 people. Going around the city through a bus charter in Derby, Kansas will not take very long. The city is cozy and provincial, and perfect for relaxation.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

Kansans from Derby love the Frog Holler Paintball Field. Paintball is always a fun activity, which promotes bonding among friends and family and competition. Take that bus charter in Derby, Kansas to have some paintball fun.

The Rock River Rapids Aquatic Center is a water park that kids and adult enjoy in Derby. Skaters also have their own Skate Park, maintained for a safe environment among thrill-seekers.

Arts & Culture

For a cultural and artistic experience, take that bus rental in Derby, Kansas to Derby Museum and Art Gallery. The museum tells the story of how Derby was founded by the earliest suburb settlers, John Haufbauer and J.H. Minich. Paintings and antiques in the museums will share Derby's culture and influences, too.

Restaurants & Shopping

The very first eatery foodies should try in the city is Derby Donut for a truly unique and Derby experience. It's sad that Derby Donut is not found anywhere else in the country because it's really delicious. The only downside to this tasty Derby donut shop is that the donuts are easily sold out. They're that good.

But as for the restaurants, Derby has a good mix of international cuisines. For nachos and burritos, there are two wonderful choices in Derby: Casa Martinez and Poblano's Mexican Grill. For sushi needs, the Hibachi Boy Japanese Grill will satiate that craving. Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant lives up to its name, the food is greasy and good. For traditional American food, there is the Riverside Café of Derby.

Derby doesn't have a major shopping mall, just the usual Kohl's and Target. It also has a number of sprawling, linear malls that house Derby favorites like Sunflower Quilts, Derby Mattress and Musical Offerings.

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

It would be interesting to note that Derby doesn't have its own stadium, particularly for football. Derby is home to a number of football greats: Billy Campfield, Nick Reid, and George Teague.

Derby also boasts two professional golfers: Woody Austin and Matt Gogel. They must have grown up making their first birdie in the Hidden Lakes Golf Course. Derby also has the Tanglewood Softball Field.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The Royal Crown Derby Visitor Centre is not just a place for tourists to find directions to Derby's landmarks, it is also a museum in itself. The centre has a vast collection of porcelain items from as early as the 18th century.

Other must-see landmarks in Derby are Derby Silk Mill and Pickford's House.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

You should visit these parks if you want to enjoy the outdoors, play, run around, and take advantage of park amenities:

  • Duck Creek
  • Madison Avenue Central Park
  • Triangle Park
  • Ward Clements Park
  • Woodlawn Park

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