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Tour with a Charter Bus in Michigan City, Indiana in the City of Shop, Sand and Smiles

Michigan City, Indiana

Tour this tourist destination on board a charter bus in Michigan City, Indiana. Visitors flock the city every summer because of the "shop, sand, smiles" as the city motto states. It is a destination among residents of the nearby Chicago and Indiana communities.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

For an entertaining visit, ask the driver of the charter bus in Michigan City, Indiana to head to the Blue Chip Casino Hotel and Spa. Who needs Vegas to burn money?

But for family affairs, visit Flip’s Cascade Mountain, which has a waterfall, a mini golf, arcade and many other attractions that suits any member of the family at any age. It’s also very affordable.

The oldest municipal band in the country lives and performs in Michigan City, and they do so for free every Thursday night at the Guy F. Foreman Amphitheater.

Arts & Culture

The Washington Park is a symbol of the city’s regard for nature and the locals’ innate camaraderie. In 1893, then mayor Martin H. Krueger is faced with a slumped economy with markets destroyed by the advancement of railroads. He envisioned a park and the residents were encouraged to plant one tree to what is now Washington Park.

Downtown district features a preserved Michigan City as it was over a century ago. The city has an architectural tour for visitors to enjoy the preserved archaic buildings in Michigan City.

Restaurants & Shopping

Michigan City’s sole shopping mall is the Marquette Mall, which houses a lot of national retailers and local ones.

Meanwhile, restaurants are as varied as the culture in the city, brought about by different influences. Panini Panini makes delicious sandwiches with eclectic flavors. The Pickle and Turnip serves Mediterranean cuisine, while the Ritz Club makes American favorites.

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

Patriot Park is a recipient of the National Softball Association’s outstanding park award for its four lighted ball fields.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

Among the most imposing historical structures that a tourist should see are the Barker Mansion, Michigan City Public Library and Courthouse in Michigan City.

Allow the charter bus in Michigan City, Indiana to go around the city to get a glimpse of the many landmarks in the area such as the Scarff Sculpture in the courtyard of the Michigan Public Library. An 85-inch bronze sculpture called the Richard Hunt Sculpture, the old bandstand where the municipal bands usually perform and the World War I Monument.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

The city has parks and recreational venues you can check out. These include Creek Ridge County Park, Indiana Jones National Lakeshore, and Patriot Park.

Zoos & Aquariums

The Washington Park Zoo is about 15 acres, which 220 animals call home. The Bengal Tigers and Grizzly Bears garner the most visits among tourists and locals.

Other Points of Interest

Michigan City, Other Points of Interest, Michigan City Lighthouse

The Old Michigan City Light is the most famous landmark in Michigan City. It was built in 1858 to provide light in the Michigan City harbour.

The large Washington Park also houses an observation tower and a castle in the zoo.

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