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Charter Bus Rentals to Chicago

Chicago Arts and Culture

If you are planning to travel with a group anywhere in the Chicago area, there's no better way to get there and back than on a charter bus rental from BusRental.com. With a huge fleet of vehicles, featuring all the modern amenities you need, we've been the "go to" provider for charter bus services to Chicago for more than 30 years. Whether you're headed to the Windy City for business or you're just going for fun, we can handle all the details for you. Why not get started planning your trip today? Contact us online for a free quote or talk to one of our experienced professional representatives to learn all your options. You're best trip ever is just a click or a call away.

Looking to Book a Charter Bus to Chi-Town? Look No Further!

It's the "City of the Big Shoulders," as poet Carl Sandburg so aptly described Chicago over a hundred years ago. Chicago is the nation's third largest metropolitan area, with cultural, sports, culinary and shopping opportunities to match any city in the world. Being that it is a really big city, it’s important you don't turn your trip to Chicago into an endless hassle. Between trying to navigate through traffic, checking the map or your GPS, or scrambling for a place to park, it could cause a lot of stress. With a charter bus rental, you can turn all the details over to us, so that you get to relax and fully enjoy the ride.

There are lots of advantages to traveling on a charter bus from BusRental.com:

  • It's the safest way to travel, for you and your personal belongings - Our drivers are among the best in the world, undergoing regular, extensive skills training, so that they know how to deal with any situation. In addition, because there's typically only one way on and off the bus, you won't need to worry about unwanted guests, so you and your stuff will be secure.
  • There are no missed connections and there's no lost luggage - When you go by charter bus, you'll be on the same coach from the time you leave until you get back. You won't ever have to worry about switching buses. And your bags will always be with you, so they'll be safe.
  • You'll have lots of choices - Because we have one of the largest fleets of vehicles in the world, you'll be able to book the one that best meets your needs. You'll also be able to go where you want to go, whenever you want to be there. With a charter bus, you won't be forced to choose from a limited number of prepackaged trips. In most instances, you are only limited by your imagination!
  • Last minute bookings or changes are usually no problem! - Though we recommend that you make your reservation as early as possible, we have the flexibility and capability to handle most 11th hour changes, and can often set up an entire trip with short notice.

It Gets Even Better! More Compelling Reasons to Rent a Charter Bus

Chicago Restaurants and Shopping

When the pros travel, they go by charter bus. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • There's none of the hassle of other modes of travel - At BusRental.com, we don't have a TSA line. You won't have to take off your shoes (unless it's just to kick back and relax). There's no "bus mode" for your phone or tablet, and you can always bring your favorite shampoo. When you travel, you'll have full access to all your devices, at no extra charge. Many of the buses have Wifi, as well as outlets to charge your smartphone or other devices.
  • You'll have room to move - The coaches have more legroom than other modes of travel and the aisles are spacious. You can move about whenever you choose.
  • Charter bus travel is environmentally friendly - When you get a group of people on a single bus, it's good for the planet.
  • Setting up your trip is easy - Visit our user-friendly online automated quote system or call 1-888-502-3458 to talk to a friendly and knowledgeable representative.

A Charter Bus Is a Great Choice for Any Trip!

Chicago Parks and Outdoor Activities

A charter bus from BusRental.com can meet all of your needs, regardless of why you're going to Chicago, and regardless of how many people are traveling with you. If it's an intimate trip with a small group of family or friends, consider renting one of the Executive Sprinter Vans, with accommodations for 12 and plenty of luggage space. Slightly larger groups - 24 to 35 passengers - will enjoy all the amenities on one of the mini-buses. If you're bringing a large entourage - no worries!

We have coaches that will seat up to 57 comfortably, and multiple rentals are always an option. A charter bus is also a great venue for a celebration, and the customized "party" buses can hold up to 40 guests and are home to world-class sound systems.

Consider a charter bus for any kind of excursion -

  • School trips and travel - Whether it's a class trip or a competitive event, a charter bus offers unparalleled safety and accountability. Since you all travel together, you won't have any worries about participants getting lost.
  • Games, concerts and other events - Chicago is one of the best places in the country to see a show or catch a game. With a charter bus, you'll have service right to the venue, with no concerns about parking, finding the stadium or fighting the traffic. It'll be pure fun as soon as you step on the bus.
  • Corporate events - With a charter bus, you can make the most of a company event, whether it's business, team-building or a reward for employee performance. You can use the time together on the coach for last minute preparations, for building camaraderie or for helping coworkers break the ice.
  • Family gatherings - A charter bus can make any family celebration special - when you travel together, you'll get closer, and have time to catch up with family members you haven't seen in a while.

You Can Do It All in Chicago!

  • Arts and Culture: Music, live theatre, world class art exhibits, dance, it's all here in the Windy City. From the Art Institute of Chicago and the Goodman Theatre, to the many famous blues and jazz clubs and Allstate Arena, there are a number of terrific options. The Field Museum of Natural History is also a "must see".
  • Professional Sports and Golf: The Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks all call Chicago home, and one of them is usually in the race for a title. There's PGA quality golf throughout the Chicagoland area, from The Glen Club and Pine Meadow to Harborside International Golf Center and Cantigny.
  • Historical Landmarks: Chicago has some of the best historical museums in the nation, including the DuSable Museum of African American History and the Chicago History Museum. Take the "Untouchables" tour to see the old stomping grounds of John Dillinger and Al Capone, or check out buildings designed by some of the world's most famous architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Miles van der Rohe.
  • Parks and Outdoor Activities: Grant Park is the place to be when the weather is nice. If you come on the right weekend, you might enjoy free admission to a jazz, blues or gospel festival. The Lake Michigan beaches are nearby and the Chicago Botanic Garden is a favorite with the locals.
  • Shopping and Restaurants: You'll want some authentic Chicago-style pizza, and Giordano's and Pequod's are among the best. You'll have lots of other options, as well. Chicago is known for its culinary diversity - Armenian, Malaysian, Czech, Balti, Costa Rican, Moroccan and Venezuelan are just some of the many ethnic eats available here. If you're a shopper, you have to stroll down the Miracle Mile on Michigan Avenue, or visit the boutiques on Oak Street.

What Will It Cost to Rent a Charter Bus to Chicago?

Chicago Other Points of Interest

Though there are many reasons to consider a charter bus, perhaps the most compelling reason is the flexibility it offers. That flexibility, though, makes it difficult to estimate the cost of a trip. Ultimately, the price for the total package will depend on a wide range of factors, including how many people are traveling, what type of coach you select, where you'll be going, how long you'll be gone and even when you plan to go. There are, however, things you can do to help make your trip affordable:

  • Book your travel as early as possible, as you'll have more options
  • Minimize additional costs - If you are staying overnight, you'll be required to pay for lodging for your driver for all nights that you are gone. Check with your hotel to see if they will offer free or discounted lodging for your driver.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs - Check with your hotel and any venues to see if there's free or low cost parking nearby.

Reserve Your Charter Bus Rental to Chicago Today

To get a free quote, you can go to our free online automated system, or you can call 1-888-502-3458 and talk to one of our courteous and professional representatives.