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Rent a Bus Charter in Delaware City, Delaware and Spend a Relaxing Weekend in this Small Port Town

Delaware City in New Castle County, Delaware is a quaint riverfront community of more than 1,700 people. It is located on the Delaware River and is considered to be the gateway to many historic and natural treasures. Come and see these for yourself by booking a bus charter in Delaware City, Delaware.

Arts, Culture & History

You should start your tour at Historic Delaware City, where history, arts, and even nature converge along the banks of the Delaware River. This national district boasts over 250 structures that feature various architectural styles and that date from the 19th century to the early 20th century.

In fact, a walk through the city's streets will give you a view of the finest examples of important architectural styles like the Federal-style homes of the 1820's, the state's Italianate "Peach House" buildings that were common in the 1850's, and the catalog mail order homes of the 1920's. Each of these architectural styles represent an important period in Delaware City's prosperity.

Also included in the National Register of Historic Places are:

  • Chelsea, which is a historic three-story home built in 1848 in a regional variation of the Italianate/Greek Revival architectural style.
  • Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, which is a 14-mile-long, 450-foot-wide, and 35-foot-deep ship canal connecting the Delaware River and the Chesapeake Bay that was built from 1804 to 1829.
  • Fairview, a historic two-story home built in 1822 in Georgian style.
  • Fort Delaware, which is a harbor defense facility located on Pea Patch Island in the Delaware River. Fort Delaware was used during the American Civil War by the Union as a prison for Confederate prisoners of war, federal convicts, political prisoners, and privateer officers. The fort and the island encompass a living history museum located in Fort Delaware State.
  • Fort DuPont, which is located between Delaware City and the modern Chesapeake and Delaware Canal on the original Redeen Point tract. Built between 1863 and 1945, the fort was named after Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont.

Parks & Outdoor Venues

Get on a bus charter in Delaware City, Delaware and enjoy the town's natural treasures and outdoor destinations.

You can check out Pea Patch Island, which is a bird sanctuary that serves as home to the largest heronry of mixed species on the East Coast. There is also a nature trail as well as an observation tower for viewing the birds.

There's also Dragon Run Natural Area. The Dragon Run marsh is the biggest freshwater marsh system in the northern part of the state. You can see diverse freshwater wetland plants and extensive wildlife.

The Grass Dale Center is yet another unique natural area which is home to six major types of habitat: woods, fresh water pond, tidal marsh, meadow, scrub, and hedgerows. You can also check out the Delaware City Lands at Branch Canal, which is a tidal wetland area; the Delaware River, which is a major fish migration and habitat area; the C&D Canal Wildlife Area, which is a habitat for various waterfowl; and the Canal Lands Mount Laurel Geologic Formation, where you can see fossil deposits from the dredging of the C&D Canal.


Fort DuPont State Park is where you can find the home field of the Diamond State Baseball Club, which is a vintage baseball team that typically plays 4-6 games there every year. The team also plays at Fort Delaware at least once over year.

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