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Get to Know this Century-Old Town on a Charter Bus in Blades, Delaware

The community in what was formerly known as Bladesville has been in existence for a long time but as a municipality, Blades Town is only 100 years old. At the start of the 19th century, people were not convinced with Bladesville. Farmers think the soil was too sandy while the shore was too marshy to be attractive to settlers. But despite earlier arguments against staying in the town, it has now about 1,200 residents. To find out why, hop on a bus rental and charter in Blades, Delaware and get to know this quaint place.

The place was named after the town's original merchant, James Blades, whose parents were also known businessmen in the neighboring town of Seaford, now a city. Bladesville actually got its name from the businesses of James' parents in the next town. But as James settled in Bladesville, the town became simply known as Blades Town. A tour of the municipality, through a bus rental and charter in Blades, Delaware, will be a quick one but it will also be culturally rich.

Arts and Culture

The earliest settlers of Blades Town are the people working in Seaford. So while Blades Town residents have an innate small-time culture, the big-city influence is also apparent. As the town celebrates its 100th founding anniversary, a festival is in order.

Restaurants & Shopping

Residents of this small town usually travel to Seaford for some shopping. But tourists should get the bus rental and charter in Blades, Delaware to go around town to see the most unique, bizarre and eccentric shops.

And while most people also defer to Seaford for a wider variety of restaurant choices, there are a few beloved restaurants that continue to operate in Blades Town. No American town or city should exist without a pizza place. In Blades town, there is BJ's Pizza and Pasta, which serves great pizza and provides some entertainment.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

Most of the activities in Blades are usually diverted to the nearest city of Seaford. But Blades Town does have its own charming sites and landmarks. One of which is the Blades United Methodist Church, which was built in 1877 and continues to serve the parishioners from Blades. The Church has changed names a few times but the structure remains an important landmark in Blades Town.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

The most important events in town, like the 100th founding anniversary, are held in Blades Park.

Other Points of Interest

Blades Town is located along the banks of Nanticoke River. This explains why residents enjoy fishing in the area.

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