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Get a Tan by Renting a Charter Bus in Bethany Beach Town, Delaware

Get to know this beach town of just a thousand people. But be surprise how the number balloons to around 15,000 during the summer months because of the town's popular beach. So hop on a charter bus in Bethany Beach Town, Delaware to understand why people flock this small town.

This town is one of three beach towns known as the quiet resorts. To understand why it's called as such, take that charter bus in Bethany Beach Town, Delaware and listen to the silent humming of this beach town.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

The biggest amusement park and entertainment that Bethany Beach Town offers are its beaches. It's not just about the water but also about the wildlife in the water including sand sharks.

Another alternative for fun and entertainment is Arnie's Playland, which is located in the town center.

Arts & Culture

The best way to understand a town or city's arts and culture is through a museum. Bethany Beach Town's museum is located in the foyer of the town hall. Some of the art works showcase the evolution of this sleepy town into a popular beach destination.

Restaurants & Shopping

Since the town is a beach town, it is but practical to drop by the Bethany Surf Shop to get some stuff for the beach. There are also other shops in town that sell stuff that speaks a lot about Bethany Beach.

A day in the beach will surely get one hungry, so take a charter bus in Bethany Beach Town, Delaware to any of these popular restaurants: Off the Hook for some seafood and burger; Blue Crab for some, what else, crabs; Global also has a great selection of tapas.

To get pizza and beer, just head on to this eatery simply called Pie. For some crab cakes and muffins, The Cottage Café is the perfect place to fill the craving. And for some munchies, DB Fries will do the trick.

Historical Sites & Landmark

The Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Department Co. has a nice brick building right around town. It was built in 1948 and continues to house volunteers-only firefighters.

But the most imposing, most important and favorite landmark among tourists is the town's 24-foot totem pole in the entrance to Bethany Beach. But what stands now is the second replacement for the first two totem poles that were destroyed by termites and from natural elements. It is expected to last another 100 years.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

These are the parks you can visit when you are in town:

  • Loop Canal Centennial Park
  • Town Hall Wireless Internet Park
  • Town Hall Garden
  • Bethany Beach Nature Center

Other Points of Interest

The Bethany Beach Boardwalk is an important destination in this beach town.

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Everybody loves the beach but the beach in this town has a small-town personality endearing to tourists. To enjoy the beach in this town, hire a charter bus in Bethany Beach Town, Delaware by calling 1-866-569-2012.