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See How This Small Town Grew Into What it is Now Through a Bus Charter in Bellefonte, Delaware

The town of Bellefonte started in the early 1900s with just sixteen homes, two of which were farms. Two houses opened informal stores integrated in their homes. Take a bus charter in Bellefonte, Delaware to see that the village has become a booming town with a population of close to 1,200 people in around 550 homes.

It was after the first World War that people started settling in Bellefonte. For whatever reason, people found the town perfect to build a home in.

Arts & Culture

Bellefonte Arts is an important center in the town because it features art works from local artists. Having an art gallery in town is an important support system for local artists. Because the exhibitors are mostly local artists, the atmosphere in the gallery is very relaxed and most visitors know each other, which makes for a very cozy feel. The gallery also offers art classes.

Another option for artists is the Nicole Kristiana Studio, which also invites artists from outside Bellefonte.

As far as culture is concerned, Bellefonte is a predominantly white town, with less than five percent representing other races. The percentage of the town's college graduates is higher than the state rate, which significantly related to a lower unemployment rate compared to the state average.

Restaurants & Shopping

While devoid of any large shopping mall, visitors should search around for the little stores through a bus charter in Bellefonte, Delaware because these are the ones with personality. Find the cute and the weird around town and take home a nice souvenir from this quaint town.

But for the more mainstream items, there are shops on the Shops of Bellefonte, which is the town's shopping district.

As for food, no town or city should ever exist without an ice cream parlor. In the middle of this town is a gem called Rita's Water Ice Philadelphia Pike. It's the same with pizza. While pizza is an Italian food, no American town should exist without a decent pizza parlor. Bellefonte has Nick's Pizza, a local fave and a must-try for tourists.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

The oldest structure in town is the town hall, itself. It was originally the Bellefonte M.E. Church, which was built in 1919. Before the church was built, parishioners worshipped in a tent.

Other Points of Interest

Just by cruising around Bellefonte, one will easily see a lot of old houses that were preserved through careful rehabilitation. It is a surprise why the town doesn't have a historic street or district yet when it is the perfect showcase of old America. The streets are clean because there are fewer people compared to other areas and that sense of community prevents people from just abusing their home base. The crime rate is also very low, which makes Bellefonte the perfect place to live in.

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