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Rent a Bus in Fort Collins, Colorado and Visit the Many Attractions in the City

Get on a bus rental in Fort Collins, Colorado and fall in love with the city!

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins is home to more than 148,000 people, making it the fourth most people city in the state of Colorado. It is a college city where you could find the Colorado State University, and has been named by Money magazine as one of the country's best place to live in for 2006, and has since stayed on that list through 2010.

Herd your friends and family on a bus rental in Fort Collins, Colorado and see why so many people are falling in love with the city.

A bus rental in Fort Collins, Colorado is the perfect transportation for a day trip to the city

Fort Collins is the town that has inspired Main Street, USA, the design that you would see when you enter Disneyland. That is how beautiful this city is. But more than its beauty, visitors are awed by the things that they could see, discover and explore here. So get on a bus rental in Fort Collins, Colorado and go on a day trip here.

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

Fort Fun has 14 acres of space near the Blue Heron Lake. The park is beautifully designed and has great fun attractions for everyone. Fort Fun features:

  • Adventure train
  • Air hockey
  • Bumper boats
  • Bumper cars
  • Giant slide
  • Go-Kart track
  • Inflatable bounce houses
  • Kiddie rides
  • Laser tag facilities
  • Mini-golf courses
  • Outdoor ice skating
  • Paddle boats
  • Redemption arcade
  • Shooting gallery
  • Video arcade
  • Water balloon game

Meanwhile, Northern Colorado Corn Maze is a 15-acre corn maze that you can have fun getting lost in.

Arts & Culture

Colorado State University provides part of Fort Collins' arts and theater attractions, and, along with the professional acting groups, traveling shows, and the community at large, that spells a very vibrant and influential arts and culture scene for the city.

Fort Collins has the reputation of being Northern Colorado's cultural capital. The city has six live theater groups, several dance and music groups, as well as several art galleries and art museums. The Lincoln Center is the city's cultural arts center and it features indoor performing arts spaces, conference facilities, a sculpture and performance garden outside, and indoor art galleries. You should also check out the Colorado State University School of the Arts for student performances, faculty and artists.

All arts and culture activities in the city are overseen by Beet Street, a non-profit that helps develop the city into an Arts & Culture center in the country.

Here are the organizations that you should know if you want to fully experience the city's arts and culture offerings:

Visual arts. Fort Collins Museum of Art, is where you can catch an annual exhibit that focuses on different artists. For 2014, the exhibits here include the works of Andy Warhol, an exhibit on masks, and Marilyn Monroe. As you can see, the exhibits are very diverse and could include anything of significance. Meanwhile, the Colorado State University Art Museum, located inside the campus and in the Visual Arts Building, showcases artworks that delve into the state's culture and life. There are around eight to ten exhibits every year.

The Global Village Museum of Arts and Culture and Intercultural Resource Center, on the other hand, showcases folk art from all over the world. Hopefully, visitors are encouraged to learn more about the people of the world, their culture, history, and art.

Then there is the Illustrated Light Gallery, the only gallery in the area that features only fine art photography, pottery, blown glass and woodturnings. Pinot's Palette mixes painting, beer and fun. You can come here, order some beer or wine, and then have fun painting.

Further, you can go to the Trimble Court Artisans/Artist Coop, where you can buy art works and crafts, and the Center for Fine Art Photography, where you could see the works of emerging and well-known photographers from all over the world.

Performance arts. The Foothills Civic Theatre, Inc., also known as the Mostlies, has put out original musicals, parodies, comedies since the 1990s. Catch them perform at the Lincoln Center Mini Theatre in July and August. If you want a more intimate performance, check out the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, where you could enjoy fine food with great performances. Further, check out the Fort Collins Children's Theatre for productions and performances for the whole family.

You also have the OpenStage Theatre & Company, which is a great performance group that provides the best performances in the state. The group is a winner of the Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts.

You should also hear the Foothills Pops Band play. The band is made up of local musicians. You could also watch the Larimer Choral Society.

Restaurants & Shopping

Clothes, sports equipment, books, souvenirs, and just about anything you are looking for are available in Fort Collins. The city has several shopping options, including shops and retailers located in the Historic Old Town. You could also find the best antiques and vintage pieces in the city's flea markets and antique shops, so surely there is something that you could add to your collection.

Fort Collins also has great shops that sell lotions, bath implements and accessories.

Some of the places you might want to check out are:

  • A & J Antique Mall, where you could find collectibles and embellishments for your home and your collection, from any one of the 93 dealers.
  • Alpine Arts/ The Colorado Showcase, where you could find the best gifts, souvenirs and jewelry.
  • Foothills Flea Market, where you get 14,000 sq. ft. of shopping space for the best vintage and antique pieces. There are more than 70 dealers here. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Science Toy Magic, where you can actually play with the toys before buying them. Great educational games are available here, including floating tops, boomerangs, balls Khet 2.0 Laser Game, and revolving globes, among others.
  • Ten Thousand Villages, which sells crafts created by the best artisans from all over the world.
  • The Metal Forest, where you could buy unique wall art and gifts made of metal.

Other shops you should visit are:

  • Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys
  • CSU Ram Zone
  • Find of the Day
  • Jax Outdoor Gear
  • Old Firehouse Books
  • Old Town Spice Shop
  • Palmer Flowers and Decorating Gallery
  • ReSale Trail
  • Rudolph's Landing
  • Santa Fe Craftsman, Inc.
  • Savory Spice Shop
  • Sense of Place
  • Specialities
  • The Cupboard
  • The Perennial Gardener
  • The Rams Book Store
  • The Right Card
  • The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop
  • The Wright Life
  • Trimble Court Artisans/Artist Coop
  • Vern's Toffee House

Restaurants. Craving for steak? Mexican? Pizza or sushi? Or other cuisines? Fort Collins will not disappoint. Some of the best restaurants in the city include:

  • Cafe De' Bangkok
  • Choice City Butcher & Deli
  • Lucile's Restaurant
  • Ras-Ka
  • Restaurant 415
  • Scrumpy's
  • Tasty Harmony
  • The Bean Cycle

Check out Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine for the best Ethiopian food in the city, Luscious Nectar Juice Lounge is a great tapas bar, while Maza Kabob serves great Middle Eastern food. Or start your day right at Snooze, where you could order a power breakfast or a great brunch. Further, order New York style pizzas at Celestino's New York Pizza, or get your pastry fix at Wild Boar Coffee.

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

The city maintains three golf courses:

  • City Park Nine Golf Course, which is a nine-hole municipal golf facility that is located next to the City Park and Grandview Cemetery.
  • Collindale Golf Course, which is a championship course that is known to have the fastest and best greens in Colorado.
  • Southridge Golf Course, which is also an 18-hole course that mixes golf with great views.

Other golf courses you can go to include:

  • Fort Collins Country Club
  • Link N Greens Golf Course
  • Mountain Vista Greens
  • Ptarmigan Golf Course

Historical Sites & Landmarks

Fort Collins has a great historic preservation program and the support of its citizenry. This is the reason why the city can take visitors back in time with its historic sites.

Be sure to include Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum in the list of places you should visit. The Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum gives you a chance to learn about how the Bee family tried to cultivate the arid lands of the area. You will also learn about the sugar beet industry,lamb feeding and irrigation. There are a lot of activities here for kids, too.

Further, you can go to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, which has exhibits on science, culture and history.

Or you could spend a day touring the city's historic landmarks on a bus rental in Fort Collins, Colorado. These include:

  • Ammons Hall
  • Armstrong Hotel
  • Avery House
  • Baker House
  • Botanical and Horticultural Laboratory
  • Ernest Waycott House
  • Fort Collins Armory
  • Fort Collins Municipal Railway Birney Safety Streetcar No. 21
  • Fort Collins Post Office
  • Harmony Mill
  • Jay H. Bouton House
  • Kissock Block Building
  • Laurel School Historic District
  • Lindenmeier Site
  • McHugh-Andrews House
  • Montezuma Fuller House
  • Mosman House
  • Opera House Block and Central Block Building
  • Peter Anderson House
  • Plummer School
  • Preston Farm
  • R.G. Maxwell House
  • Spruce Hall
  • T.H. Robertson House

Parks & Outdoor Activities

Fort Collins has 820 acres of developed park land, that includes six community parks and 44 pocket or neighborhood parks. The city also maintains 29 miles of recreational trails.

All of these parks, or a majority of them, have a playground that the kids would enjoy. But the best playgrounds are found at:

  • Edora Park, where you get two different playground sets that feature swings and slides and climbing structures. The park also has tennis courts, baseball fields, a BMX Track, horseshoe courts, and a skateboard skate park. The Epic Ice Skating and Swimming Center is nearby.
  • Fort Collins City Park, which holds the distinction of being one of the oldest in the city, but it has two separate playgrounds. One is for the little tots and the second is for the bigger kids, which features a giant cannon. There is an outdoor swim park, ball fields, tennis courts, a miniature train, basketball courts, and paddle boats in the park, too.
  • Gardens on Spring Creek, which features a playground that veers away from the traditional play structures. Nevertheless, the kids love playing at the playhouse and the sandbox next to it. The kids can also enjoy the 'Flow” exhibit and the Secret Garden. Aside from these, you could enjoy the gardens, the large watering can that you can climb into, the sundial, the beautiful waterfall that has ducks and Koi fish swimming around.
  • Fossil Creek Park, which has an awesome playground with a giant Woolly Mammoth to welcome the kids. The big slide here reminds you of slides at a water park. There is also a fossil wall, which is great to look at and climb. The park also features a skate park, a dog park, tennis courts, roller hockey rink, and basketball courts.
  • Spring Canyon Community Park, where you can find the Inspiration Playground. This playground is considered the best playground in the city. It is accessible to everyone. Your kids would love the slide here, as well as the sand play area. It also has a large number of playground structures and equipment and the play areas have adequate shade from the sun. There is also a dog park, tennis courts, basketball courts, sports fields, picnic areas, and mountain biking trails.

Other parks you could go to include:

  • Alta Vista Park
  • Archery Range
  • Avery Park
  • Beattie Park
  • Blevins Park
  • Buckingham Park
  • Civic Center Park
  • Cottonwood Glen Park
  • Creekside Park
  • Eastside Park
  • English Ranch Park
  • Freedom Square Park
  • Golden Meadows Park
  • Greenbriar Park
  • Harmony Park
  • Homestead Park
  • Indian Hills Park
  • Jefferson Street Park
  • Landings Park
  • Lee Martinez Park
  • Legacy Park
  • Leisure Park
  • Library Park
  • Miramont Park
  • Oak Street Plaza Park
  • Old Fort Collins Heritage Park
  • Overland Trail Park
  • Rabbit Brush Park
  • Radiant Park
  • Registry Park
  • Ridgeview Park
  • Rogers Park
  • Rolland Moore Park
  • Romero Park
  • Rossborough Park
  • Soft Gold Park
  • Spencer Park
  • Spring Park
  • Stewart Case Park
  • Troutman Park
  • Warren Park
  • Washington Park
  • Waters Way Park
  • Westfield Park
  • Woodwest Park

You could do a range of fun outdoor activities in the city's many parks, green spaces and open areas. These include:

  • Fly fishing. You can go to the Cache la Poudre River and hook some trout and other native fishes here. On top of that, the river is set in a spectacular setting with awesome cliffs, rock formations and lots of foliage and trees.
  • Biking. Get to know the many lovely areas of Fort Collins by getting on a bike and exploring its terrains. You can go on bike trails that take you along Spring Creek or Poudre River. You can also borrow bikes from the Fort Collins Bicycle Library.
  • Whitewater rafting. Whitewater rafting on the Cache la Poudre is a treat that allows you to have a challenging time on the water.
  • Trails. The city offers you numerous trails for jogging, biking, walking or just for relaxing strolls. You could also go horseback riding on some trails.
  • Swimming at Mulberry Pool. Located downtown, Mulberry Pool offers you a chance to beat the heat with indoor swimming. The pool is kid-friendly.

Other Points of Interest

The Swetsville Zoo has more than 170 animals, plants, and even space ships made out of recycled auto parts, metal and farm machinery.

You could also come to Fort Collins and ride a hot air balloon. There are two reputable organizations that you can contact in Fort Collins for a fun time on a hot air balloon: Flights of Fancy and Spirit of Colorado.

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