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San Francisco Charter Bus Rentals

San Francisco, Historical Sites & Landmarks

When you're planning a business or personal visit to San Francisco, you'll want to travel there and back in the comfort and luxury of a charter bus from BusRental.com. We've set the standard for charter bus rentals to San Francisco for more than 30 years, with an unparalleled fleet of modern coaches that offer all the amenities you need. San Francisco is a great city to visit, but you don't want your trip to be a lot of work. Let us take care of all the details. Visit us online or call 1-888-502-3458 to talk to one of our representatives and get a free quote. This could be your best trip ever!

Need a Charter Bus to Take You to San Francisco? We've Got You Covered

It's one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, known for its incredible scenery, thriving arts community and its storied past. It can also be a challenge to get around. When you come to see and do all this great city has to offer, you don't want to have to try to navigate traffic or climb one of those hills in your own vehicle. Don’t worry about having your nose buried in your GPS or having to search for parking. When you go by charter bus, you can leave all that to us!

Here are just a few reasons to see San Francisco on a charter bus from BusRental.com:

  • You'll get to go on your own unique trip - With a charter bus, you'll have a once-in-a-lifetime excursion. You won't be on a prepackaged outing, but will get to choose where you want to go and when you want to be there. The only limit is your imagination!
  • You'll be safe, and your stuff will be secure - Our drivers undergo regular and rigorous training so that they are prepared to deal with any situation—you'll always be in good hands. In addition, because of the limited access to our coaches, you won't have anyone wander in off the street, so you and your personal items will always be protected.
  • Charter bus travel is reliable - There's virtually no such thing as a delay or cancellation with a charter bus. Furthermore, because you'll travel on the same bus throughout your trip and your luggage will always travel with you, you won't ever have to worry about missing a connection or lost bags.
  • Last minute bookings or changes are usually no problem! - You'll want to make your reservations as early as possible, so you have the most options and get the best price. Keep in mind, you are always welcome to revise your itinerary. Thanks to our extensive fleet, well-trained staff, and connections within the industry, last minute changes are almost never a problem, and we can often book an entire trip with relatively short notice.

That's Not All! Even More Advantages to Traveling by Charter Bus

Experienced travelers prefer to travel by charter bus. Here are some additional reasons why:

  • There's none of the aggravation of other method of travel - There's no TSA line with a charter bus, so you won't have to spend a lot of time waiting, take off your shoes or submit to a full body scan. We won't ask you to dump any liquids - you can bring your personal shampoo or your favorite adult beverage. You won't have to turn your phone off or put it in "bus mode". You can be on any device at any time, and you'll have access to Wifi on many of our coaches.
  • You won't be strapped into a small space - All buses have plush and roomy seats, with plenty of legroom. The aisles are wide and you are free to move about at any time.
  • You'll be helping the planet - When you get a group of people on a single bus, it reduces your carbon impact on the planet.
  • It's one of the easiest trips to arrange - Booking a charter bus outing is a no-brainer. Simply visit our user-friendly online automated quote system or call 1-888-502-3458 to talk to a friendly and knowledgeable representative.

A Charter Bus - The Perfect Solution for Any Group Excursion

San Francisco, California

Whether you're on your way to Frisco for fun or for work, and whether you're traveling with a few folks or a large group, BusRental.com has a coach that's just right for you. If you're traveling with a dozen or fewer participants, our Executive Sprinter Vans have the necessary accommodations, with ample space for luggage and souvenirs. If your group is a little larger, consider one of our mini-buses, which comfortably hold 24 to 35 passengers, and offer all the modern amenities. With that being said, there's no need to limit your group - our largest buses hold up to 57 people and multiple rentals are always an option. We also offer customized "party" buses, with state-of-the-art sound equipment and room for 20 to 40 celebrants.

A charter bus from BusRental.com is ideal for any outing:

  • School trips and travel - When you have a group of students, whether it's an athletic team or a class trip, your primary concerns are safety and security. With a charter bus, because you can all travel together, you won't have any worries about participants getting lost or running into problems on their way to or from the event.
  • Corporate or business meetings or events - Turn your bus into a meeting room on wheels, as you engage in last minute preparations or foster team-building among your workers. The travel together allows you to strengthen your organization, create new friendships and network among your employees.
  • Games, concerts and other events - Whether it's the Giants or the Niners, or even a show at the Fillmore, getting there and back by charter bus is the way to go. The fun will start the minute you board the bus, and we'll drop you off at the front gate/door and pick you up when it's all over.
  • Family gatherings - Whether it's a reunion, graduation party, birthday, anniversary, or a wedding, your family celebration will be more memorable when you all travel together on a charter bus. You'll have uninterrupted time to catch up with family members, sharing and creating precious memories.

Just a Few of the Great Attractions in San Francisco

  • Arts and Culture: The city's Theater District is among the most renowned in the world, with vintage 1920s venues offering Broadway productions. The Fillmore is a historic music venue, but you can also enjoy the San Francisco Opera, the Ballet and the Symphony. Patrons of the visual arts will find dozens of museums and galleries, most notably the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, with nearly 30,000 works of art.
  • Professional Sports and Golf: The Giants (MLB) and 49ers (NFL) have brought multiple world titles to San Francisco. You'll also find some of the most picturesque golf courses on the planet, including the Golden Gate Park Golf Course, Gleneagles, Harding Park, Flemming, Lincoln Park, and Sharp Park.
  • Historical Landmarks: Perhaps the most famous landmark is the most visible one - the Golden Gate Bridge, tabbed as one of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World". You can take a trip to Alcatraz Prison, visit Fisherman's Wharf, or see where the hippie counterculture movement began in Haight-Ashbury.
  • Beaches, Parks and Outdoor Activities: Sun worshippers will want to hit Ocean Beach and Baker Beach. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area also has beaches, hiking trails and an extensive system of public parks for outdoor explorers.
  • Restaurants and Shopping: Though you can get just about any type of cuisine here, it's a mecca for Asian fare. Japantown has some of the best sushi restaurants in the country, but you'll also find outstanding Chinese and Korean eateries there, as well as Thai, Korean and Filipino restaurants. Some of the most popular include House of Nanking (Chinese), Yoshi's (Japanese), Lemongrass (Thai) and Ana Mandara (Vietnamese). Head down to Fisherman's Wharf for the best seafood on the West Coast. For shoppers, there's also plenty of variety, from the neighborhood emporiums in Chinatown, Haight Street, North Beach, Mission Street and Hayes Valley to the downtown shopping at the Westfield San Francisco Centre. Don't miss the high-end stores on Chestnut Street!

How Much Will We Spend to Take a Charter Bus to San Francisco?

Thanks to the flexibility that charter bus travel provides you, it can be difficult to estimate the cost of a trip to Frisco. The final price will depend on a number of factors, including how many people are going, what type of coach you rent, how long you'll be gone, where you're going and when you plan to go.

There are, however, things you can do to help manage the cost of your trip:

  • Make your reservations as early as possible, so that you have more options
  • If you are staying overnight at any time, you'll have to pay for lodging for your driver for those nights. Check with your hotel to see if they will offer free or discounted lodging for your driver.
  • Check with your hotel and any venues to see if there's free or low cost parking nearby.

Reserve Your Charter Bus Rental to San Francisco Today

To get a free quote, you can go to our free online automated system, or you can call 1-888-502-3458 and talk to one of our courteous and professional representatives.