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Learn About the History of Sierra Vista, Arizona on a Charter Bus

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Sierra Vista, Arizona is located in Cochise County and is home to more than 131,000 people. Get on a bus charter in Sierra Vista, Arizona and spend a weekend in the city.

A bus charter in Sierra Vista, Arizona can take you to the city's history-related and outdoor attractions.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

You could learn more about Sierra Vista's military and Old West history when you visit Fort Huachuca. The fort is an active military post and a National Historic Landmark.

There are two museums that are located within the fort: The Fort Huachuca Museum has exhibits and displays that imparts the story of the fort and the country's army in the southwest, especially focusing on the Apache War and the 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, while the US Army Intelligence Museum gives you a chance to see unique artifacts that relate to intelligence operations such as a radio communication gear, cryptographic equipment, aerial cameras, drones, a part of the Berlin Wall, and an Enigma Code machine.

You might also want to visit Fairbank. Considered as a ghost town, you could learn more about Jeff Milton here and how he stopped a Wells Fargo train robbery in the 1900s. Another site that you could go to is the Coronado Cave, which is said to have served as a hideout for Geronimo in the 1800s.

Learn more about the city's heritage and history at the Henry F. Hauser Museum, where they have artifacts that also relate to the culture and history of the Greater Sierra Vista Area and some areas in Southeast Arizona, the Southwest.

Parks & Outdoor Activities

There are several bird watching sites in the city, where you could go and look out for warblers, tanagers, magnificent raptors, hummingbirds, shorebirds, and flycatchers, among many others. There is a reason why the city is called the Hummingbird Capital of the United States. Or you can head out to the Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine. The shrine offers the best views of the valley from on top the Huachuca Mountains. A trip to the Ramsey Canyon Preserve is well worth your time because you could commune with nature and see wildlife and plant life here.

Then you could go on the multi-use paths that you can find interspersed in the city, before you go hiking the sky island trails. You might also want to go to the San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area for more hiking and riding opportunities. Other places you can go to include Parker Canyon Lake and the Coronado National Memorial in the Huachuca Mountains.

And if the heat becomes unbearable, you can go to the Sierra Vista Aquatic Center, where you have 36,500 sq. ft. of space and dip in more than 575,000 gallons of water. They have a zero depth entry and a beach entry, a competition size pool, lap pools and other features. Play golf at the Pueblo Del Sol Country Club.

Then you can check out the many parks in the city, where you can have a quiet picnic, watch a ballgame, ride bikes, hike, and other activities. You can go to the community parks, special use parks and neighborhood parks here, including Garden Canyon Park, Chaparral Village Park, Summit Park and Soldier Creek Park.

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