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Rent a Charter Bus in Dothan, Alabama

Dothan, Alabama

Dothan is the largest town in southeastern Alabama, with a population of close to 66,000 people.

It is known as the Hub of the Wiregrass, as well as the Peanut Capital of the World, producing a fourth of the country's peanuts. It has its own regional airport, which is unique in the sense that it is self-supporting.

But to get around the city, why not hire a charter bus in Dothan, Alabama to ensure that you and your group have a comfortable, convenient and luxurious time traveling?

Things to do in Dothan, Alabama

Dothan has a largely agricultural economy and you are constantly reminded of peanuts and wiregrass wherever you go. Nevertheless, you have a city steeped in history, golf and fun. So why not get a charter bus in Dothan, Alabama and explore the following sites:

Entertainment & Amusement Parks

Kids and adults alike would love Water World and Adventure Land in Dothan. Adventure Land has family-friendly rides and two mini golf courses, go cart tracks, video game arcades, bumper boats and other attractions. On the other hand, Water World features a wave pool that is just great for the hot summer months.

Then, there is Landmark Park is known to be Alabama's official agriculture museum where you could find a farmstead, a planetarium and a nature trail.

Arts & Cultural

Dothan is home to two active theater groups, the Feature Players Theatre and the Southeast Alabama Community Theater. This means that you will have your pick of live plays any time of the year. You could also support local artists and go to an art show, workshop or exhibit staged by the Dothan Wiregrass Art League.

Aside from these, you should take a look at the various pieces of art all around the city, including Joseph, the Peanuts Around Town art project and the Wiregrass Festival of Murals.

Restaurants & Shopping

Restaurants abound in Dothan, often giving you affordable meals and the best of the region's specialties. Take your pick! They have the Taj Indian Restaurant that serves really good Indian food, as well as places that serve Italian food if you want to avoid fast food chains.

Dothan also has two dinner theaters where you could watch a play or a skit and have a delicious meal at the same time. Check out The Understudy Dinner Theater and Basketcase Dinner Theater for the unique experience!

When it comes to shopping, the city has the usual suspects: Best Buy, Kmart, Walmart, JCPenney and others. But if you want something different, there is the Wiregrass Commons Mall, or you could go downtown!

Golf Courses & Sports Venues

As with other cities in Alabama, golf courses form a huge part of the landscape in Dothan. This is where the junior golf tournament of the Press Thornton Future Masters is held every year.

Dothan National Golf Course and Highland Oaks Golf Course, as well as the Roundabout Plantation are great choices if you want to play a round of golf.

For other sporting activities, there is the Westgate Park and Water World that hosts softball tournaments as well as a recreational complex and biking tracks. Westgate Tennis Center, on the other hand, has several clay tennis courts.

Historical Sites & Landmarks

A visit to Dothan would give you the chance to visit the World's Smallest City Block. Take a photo to show your friends! Plus, there are a lot more attractions that you can go to, so why don't you rent a bus in Dothan with BusRental.com? We make everything easy so that you would not have to worry about your transportation while visiting the city!

You can go to other historical sites and landmarks in the area. There is the US Army Aviation Museum, where you could find an extensive collection of helicopters and a handful of vintage aircraft. Other museums in the area include the Wiregrass Museum of Art and the George Washington Carver Museum.

Then there are the monuments found all around the city, such as the George Washington Carver Monument and the Peanut Monument.

There is also the ER Porter Hardware the oldest hardware store in operation in Alabama. In more than 125 years, the building stands virtually unchanged, giving you a glimpse of how things looked like back then. Inside, you could also learn more about the business and a collection of vintage hardware.

Fall in love with Dothan as you see the sites on a charter bus in Dothan, Alabama! Call us at 1 866-569-2012!