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Why Make New Year’s Travel Resolutions?

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” ~ Mary Ritter Beard

What is it about change that people find exciting or even adventurous? The new — whether new to you, never experienced before or just relatively new by comparison with the “same-old, same-old” — makes people feel more alive. You wake up in the moment and drink in the beauty, revel in the creativity or simply re-discover life is worthwhile after all. Travel changes you because you unplug from the every day routine and take a plunge into different surroundings. You see strange faces and engage in activities that aren’t ordinarily what you do.

So, people make New Year’s travel resolutions, hoping that this next year will be one more full of everything experienced as good or valuable.
How can you make your New Year’s travel resolution stick?
To make your resolution to travel stick, you’re going to have to pin down some specifics about your intention to travel:

  • Time. Decide when is the best time of year, month and day to go on your trip.
  • Location. Decide where you’re going. Research some travel spots that appeal to you. Do you enjoy the seashore, the mountains or remote areas?
  • Transportation. Envision how you want the trip to take shape. Will you travel with family or friends? What type of transportation is safe, comfortable, practical and affordable? Are you looking to enjoy the journey as well as the destination?
  • Sightseeing/Other Activities. What will you do once you reach your destination? Where will you stay? What sightseeing or activities do you enjoy? Hiking? Walking? Horseback riding? Swimming? Something else?

Once you have the date, location and everyone onboard with the plan, and after you figure out the finances, then start making reservations.

For group travel, you can’t beat traveling by charter bus. Everyone arrives at the same time and the logistics of making your plan come together are much easier in that respect. Also, when chartering a coach or minibus, the driver deals with transportation details for you, including traffic, directions and parking.

Travel the stress-free, safe and green way!
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Why Make New Year’s Travel Resolutions?