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What We Are Thankful for at

On Thanksgiving, many of us pause to think about what we are thankful for. Giving thanks is important, and often more important than we realize.

An emotionally moving anecdote by the late Maya Angelou puts giving thanks or gratitude into proper perspective. She describes hitting an all time low in her life when she considered suicide. Her vocal coach gave her a yellow pad and pen and told her to write down all her blessings. She protested that he didn’t understand, and he told her to write down that she was grateful she could see the yellow pad and as she did to think of “the millions on this planet who cannot see the smiles of their growing children or the delight in the faces of their beloveds, or the colors of the sunrise and the softness of the twilight.” She made her list. Maya went onto become successful, writing books, poems, plays and song lyrics and acting and appearing on television. She said that after 55 years, she had remained in an “attitude of gratitude.”


The Many Things We’re Grateful for at

  • Aside from being grateful for the gifts of the five senses that many of us take for granted, here are a few more things that stand out for us. We at are thankful for:
  • The opportunity to provide safe transportation for our fellow Americans
  • All the customers who use our services
  • Being in a green industry that helps our planet overcome the problems of climate change
  • Our employees, who give their time and skills to help make our company successful
  • The freedom to pursue the American Dream, where everyone has the opportunity for a better life and advancement based on hard work, initiative and perseverance
  • Today’s technology, which has opened up communication, helped us appreciate cultural diversity and enabled us to better coordinate our efforts
  • Being in a country where we enjoy many freedoms, such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and express our grievances, freedom to vote, freedom to have a fair trial, and the freedom of religion
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We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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What We Are Thankful for at