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What Are You Planning for Winter Break?

New England schools typically take a winter break in February, where kids get four or five school days off. That doesn’t mean group activities are off the table, however.

It’s good for students to relax and rest their minds from schoolwork. When you reach the level of junior or senior in high school, the mounting stress of getting good grades for college admissions is something many students face. A winter break provides valuable time to regenerate and return to school fresh. It’s good for students to rest their minds from schoolwork and put their attention on something else. But it’s also fun to stay active and engaged.

U.S. News published an insightful article about ways to avoid winter vacation brain drain for students.

Have fun on your way — to wherever you’re going

You can take a group of kids on excursions like basketball games, a concert, ski trip or museum visit. Give them something exciting to do during the break. When you ride all together in a coach or minibus, travel time won’t be lost on waiting to get to wherever you’re going. It’s time for chatting, getting to know each other and simply interacting. Parents feel confident when a professional is driving and especially if winter weather is snowy, ice-y or otherwise challenging for inexperienced high school drivers.

You’d be surprised how refreshing it can be to look out the window, be still in the moment and sense the aliveness all around you. Sometime it only takes a few peaceful moments to give you a new and fresh perspective.

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What Are You Planning for Winter Break?