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Voting at the Booths and Surviving the 2016 Presidential Election

If you watched the presidential election debates, you saw both candidates aggressively launch personal attacks. Despite the differences in political views, many people can agree on one thing — this is one of the most negative and controversial elections we’ve had in years.


Research Data about the Election

In fact, Pew Research Center revealed statistics that show voters have very negative feelings about the presidential campaign:

  • Frustrated (57%)
  • Disgusted (55%)
  • Scared (43%)

Comparatively few voters feel positive emotions about the election:

  • Interested (31%)
  • Optimistic (15%)
  • Excited (10%)

The levels of frustration between Clinton and Trump supporters are similar:

  • Clinton – 53%
  • Trump – 55%


  • Clinton – 48%
  • Trump – 53%


  • Clinton – 41%
  • Trump – 46%


Get Out to Vote

In spite of the negativity about the election, it’s still your right to get out and vote. You have a voice in determining who the next U.S. president will be. Our predecessors fought hard to give us all the right to cast our vote. Exercising this right is a privilege.

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Plan Your after the Election Escape

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Voting at the Booths and Surviving the 2016 Presidential Election