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Visit the National Museum of African American History in D.C.

Go on a historical journey through the National Museum of African American History in Washington, D.C. Whether you have a group of students, church group or organization like the Scouts, taking a trip to the museum will not disappoint. Experience the fostering of cross-cultural understanding through the medium of African American history.


About the Museum

The museum owns close to 37,000 objects that tell the story of the American South, the American West, the Civil Rights era, clothing and dress, education, family, literature, military, music, photography, politics, religious groups, segregation and slavery.



You can visit 14 exhibitions. Some highlights of a few exhibitions include:

Century in the Making tells the story of the museum’s founding, which was 100 years in the making. Through the activism of private citizens and organizations, federal legislation, construction efforts and collection of artifacts, the museum came into being.

Changing of America is an exhibition that explores contemporary black life from 1968 and beyond through economic, political and culture experiences including the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and up to the present day election of President Barak Obama.

Cultural Expressions is an exhibition that spans various forms of African American expression including Style: image and identity; Foodways: culture and cuisine; Artistry: craftsmanship and creativity; Language: The Power of the Word; and Movement: Gesture and Social Dance.

Numerous African Americans have made their mark on history. The museum commemorates this fact by featuring famous African American innovators, trailblazers, visionaries and history makers in the areas of sports, visual arts, theater, television filmmaking and others.


Start Planning Your Excursion to the Museum

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Visit the National Museum of African American History in D.C.