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Travel: Memories in the Making


“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

It’s so true that travel is not just exploring buildings and landscapes. The people you meet in your travels and the cultures you experience enrich your life. Stepping out of your daily routine opens new horizons. But even more importantly, you can relax and spend time with people you care about.

During travel, new memories emerge and bonds strengthen. When you look back on your life, these are the moments you fondly recall. Actually, research supports this fact.

The Association For Psychological Science indicates that sharing experiences with others makes whatever the experience is more intense. A study done on 23 female college students, which involved pleasurable experiences like tasting chocolate or viewing a book of paintings, showed the experience was much more pleasurable when shared with other people than when experienced alone. In fact, even when you share an experience with someone else in silence, you become more attentive, aware and involved in the experience. And this is despite the fact no one is talking about it. What it boils down to is  — shared experiences make you feel more alive.

There’s nothing like traveling with a group of people whose company you enjoy. As you talk and visit, travel time becomes considerably more meaningful than just driving from point A to point B.

For group travel, keep the motor coach industry in mind. Motor coach experiences today far surpass those of years ago. You have access to a wide selection of buses, mini buses, vans or limousines. Even luxury vehicles are affordable and have amenities like Wi-Fi, television, DVDs and surround sound. And you can’t beat stress-free driving where a professional deals with traffic and parking.

Build some memories with families and friends.

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Note: Tim Cahill (writer) is a travel writer, born in 1944, who lives in Montana and went on to become the founding editor of Outside magazine.

Travel: Memories in the Making