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Travel and Fresh New Year Perspectives

As we draw closer to the end of 2015, there’s something about ending one year and beginning a new year that we all find refreshing. We have a chance to take stock of our accomplishments, the actions or experiences we’d like to repeat along with things we’d do differently — next time. The new year gives us a fresh start to discard what was undesirable and focus on what brought us greater happiness, joy or prosperity.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with a bus rental blog? Aren’t buses just a means of getting from one location to the next? All too often the destination consumes all of our attention, and the journey, which is just a means to an end, is viewed as relatively unimportant. But what if you could make the journey as important and enjoyable as your destination? There’s an idea.

Many philosophers and authors write about the value of being in the present moment. They seek to make every moment count, living it as if it were their last. And wouldn’t you tend to agree that they’re getting the most out of life with this kind of focus?

What if your motor coach travel was more comfortable and pleasant than driving a car? What if you had more legroom than in a plane and your seat could even recline? What if you could spend time chatting with friends and seeing beautiful landscapes instead of fighting traffic, worrying about directions and searching for parking spots? This might make your present moment more livable and more appealing. You could put a little more attention on the journey and enjoy the whole trip even more.

Today, charter buses have these types of amenities, described above. Consider making your journey more enjoyable, more like the good time you anticipate when reaching your destination.

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Travel and Fresh New Year Perspectives