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Top Ten Things to Do to Have a Great Barbeque This 4th of July

A 4th of July Barbeque—An American Tradition

When you think of the 4th of July, what comes to mind? Two things—fireworks and barbeque! While the fireworks have to wait until dark and are usually over in a few minutes, the barbeque can keep your mouth watering all day and even afterward. Maybe you’re planning a family reunion around the 4th or just throwing a big barbeque for family and friends. If you’re planning a family picnic around the barbeque, make it easy on yourself and everyone else and rent a charter bus from That way, everyone can have a great time without worrying about maps, parking or getting in the car after a long day in the sun.



So you want to make that barbeque really special this year? Whether it’s burgers and dogs or steaks and seafood, here are some tips to tantalize your taste buds this 4th of July:

  1. Add some flavor to the burgers

One sure way to make the cookout memorable—add some flavor to the beef! You might do something as simple as Worcestershire sauce or garlic, but you might really spice up the burgers with a little jalapeno or chipotle pepper, with some pesto or cheese (inside the burger), or with something really fun you found in the refrigerator. With burgers, your imagination is often your only limit.


  1. Everything’s Better with Brine

Okay, so you don’t have to brine burgers or dogs, but you could and they’d probably taste better and be juicier. With a good brine, you lock in most of the meat’s natural juices and you can add subtle flavors—a little Cajun seasoning or even some orange peel to make the chicken mouth-watering good.


  1. Use Offset Grilling to Avoid Calling the Fire Department

If you are cooking anything that will drop grease on your coals, use the offset method to cook the meat. Put your coals on one side of the cooker and your meat on the other side. You’ll get the heat and the smoky flavor without burning everything to a crisp.

  1. Stagger the Meat Based on Size

One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting all the meat on at the same time. Put the larger pieces of chicken—the breasts or thighs—on before you put the drumsticks and wings. Then everything can come off at the same time and it will all be done.

  1. Use Aluminum Pans as Warmers

If you are cooking for a lot of people and you need to grill a number of batches, get some of the aluminum pans to put the cooked meat in. The meat will stay warm, but it won’t become the consistency of old shoe leather, as the pans will deflect most of the heat, keeping the meat from drying out.


  1. Grill Your Corn Naked

With corn, you’re not trying to steam it, so don’t soak it in water and leave the husks on. Instead, put it directly on the grill without the husks and let it caramelize a bit. That’s were the real flavor will be.

  1. Save the Sauce for Later

Sauce is really an add-on. The true barbeque professionals never cook with the sauce on the meat, but use a rub, a marinade or a brine and let each guest decide if they want sauce and how much they want. If you serve the sauce on the side, everyone will be happy.

  1. Less is Better with Seasonings

More than anything, you want to taste the smoked meat. Don’t mask the great flavor of a steak with too much of anything.


  1. Don’t Spoil the Brats

One of the tastiest things you can pull of a grill is a hot brat. You don’t need to boil the brat in advance. You don’t need to poke a hole in the brat. And most importantly, you don’t need to cook them hot and fast. Keep the temperature low, let the brat slow cook and your taste buds will be slapping your brains around.

  1. Low and Slow is the Way to Go

If you want fall of the bone tender ribs, pork or chicken, put it in a smoker at about 225-250, close the lid, throw and occasional log on the fire and pull it off when the internal temperature hits about 195. You can find plenty of websites to tell you the approximate time, based on the type and size of your meat. It’s the easy way to go.


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A Charter Bus—The Way to a Super 4th of July

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Top Ten Things to Do to Have a Great Barbeque This 4th of July