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Tips for Bus Travel with Pets

Traveling with your pet can make the trip more enjoyable and is a solution if you don’t like to board your pet or don’t have friends or family willing to watch them. It’s important to plan ahead when traveling with pets.

USA Today has some valuable suggestions that will save you from running into problems:

Ask the bus charter company about pets. Not all bus companies allow passengers to travel with pets, so check ahead and ask about their rules before making your reservation. Do you need to crate your pet or have your pet on a leash?

Bring pet vaccination records. The American Veterinarian Medical Association suggests you bring vaccination and health records information, especially if crossing state lines or entering into a foreign country. It is also handy for an emergency.

Be courteous to other travelers. Some people have pet allergies or a fear of pets, so ask passengers whether they mind if you sit next to them with your pet.

Sit in the back of the bus. There is less commotion for your pet if you sit in the back of the bus. People get on and off, andyYou don’t want your dog to bark every time someone moves up or down the aisle.

Overnight reservations. Check with hotels or motels ahead of time to ensure they allow pets.

Crates and leashes. Have some way to restrain your pet from running around the bus, either by using a leash or crate, even if the bus company doesn’t require it.

Plan a trip with your pet
It’s easy to book a trip and often discounts are available. Reserve a bus charter online or call 1.888.502.3458.

Tips for Bus Travel with Pets