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The Top Haunted Experiences on the West Coast

Ghosts…Ghouls…Ghastly Good Times—on a Charter Bus!

Summer’s over and you’ve been back at the grind for weeks…it’s time for an adventure to get your blood flowing again. How about a trip to some of the most haunted places along the West Coast? From Washington to San Diego and in between, there’s plenty to get your heart pumping, to put a big old lump in your throat. But what fun is a haunted house without friends or family along. Whether it’s just a few other fright freaks or an army of adventurers, there’s no better way to explore the scariest places along the Pacific than on a charter bus from You can hang out with friends and family (or hide under the seats) while we take care of all the details.

Not for the Faint of Heart!! The Best Haunted Experiences on the West Coast

With its storied history encompassing many cultures, it’s no surprise that the West Coast offers some of the most authentic and harrowing haunted homes, hotels and hospitals, as well as other establishments. Here are some of the scariest—

  1. Creepy in California

The Golden State could just as easily be known as the “ghoul-don” state, with seemingly no end to haunted places and events. If you’re bringing along some lightweights, consider the Cemetarium Haunted House, in Citrus Heights, near the Sunrise Mall northeast of Sacramento. With three different attractions—Zombie Heights, Psycho Circus and the namesake Cemetarium, this eerie abode has more than 35,000 square feet of scare, and offers family friendly frights as well as full-scale spookiness for only the bravest.

A little further south, in Madera (not far from Fresno), they’ve been terrifying folks in the cornfields every fall for years. If you’re looking for one of the top mazes in California, you’ll love the Black-Out Maze.

The Whaley House, in San Diego, has been dubbed “the most haunted house in America” by Life Magazine. According to legend, the house boasts a number of apparitions, from members of the Whaley family to the ghost of a man hanged on the location before the house was built.

In Los Angeles County, there’s the Lincoln Heights Jail, reportedly haunted by the ghosts of seven inmates who were assaulted by guards during the infamous Bloody Christmas beatings, fictionalized in the book and film L.A. Confidential.

Of course, San Francisco also has its share of haunted places, from the famed Winchester House and Mayhem Manor to the Golden Gate Park and Alcatraz.

  1. Washington’s Weird Wonders

The Pacific Northwest has long been a place of the site of many ghostly activities. One of the state’s most well-known historical landmarks, the Campbell House, in Spokane, is believed to house the ghost of little Amasa Basaliel Campbell, kidnapped and never seen again in the early 1900s (three of Amasa’s siblings were murdered by the intruder). The eyes on Amasa’s portrait are said to follow visitors as they tour the house.

In Ollalla, near Seattle, there’s the Starvation Heights Sanitarium, where the method of treatment was just as the name suggests—owners Linda Hazzard and her husband Sam sought to cure their patients’ ills by depriving them of food. Not surprisingly, many of them died—their bodies were burned and buried on the premise to hide the misdoings, but reportedly still roam the grounds in spirit form.

Of course, if you’re just looking to get the living daylights scared out of you, there are lots of sinister places to visit, from Fright Factory Haunted House in Buckley to the Stalker Farms in Snohomish to Hell’s Gateway Haunted House in Tacoma.

  1. Oregon Occult

Oregon has its fair share of Halloween attractions, with some entire towns considered to be haunted. Take the municipality of Independence (southwest of Salem), where the ghost of Lenora has been reported by locals and visitors alike. According to legend, Lenora met and fell in love with a soldier in the early days of the War to End All Wars. When her beau died in battle less than a week after they met, she threw herself through the plate glass skylight at the Mangiare Italian Restaurant, leaving a stain that’s still there.

You can also visit the Oregon Caves Chateau, in Cave Junction, where the spirit of Elizabeth occupies the halls both day and night. History reports that she leapt to her death from Room 301 after discovering her husband in an illicit liaison with a chambermaid.

The Hot Lakes Hotel and Hot Springs, in La Grande (near the Umatilla National Forest in northeast Oregon) was holy land for Native Americans before settlers built the hotel in the 1840s. Later the site of an insane asylum, the hotel is home to both Native American and other ghosts. Many staff members and guests have heard piano music, though there’s no piano on the premises. Others have seen the ghost of a gardener who committed suicide on the property. Officials also report an alarmingly high rate of motor vehicle accidents in the vicinity of the hotel.

  1. Other West Coast Haunts

Just inside Arizona and a couple hours east of San Diego, you can visit the Yuma Territorial Prison, where more than 100 prisoners died inside the walls (and where their ghosts are said to congregate). It’s a state historical park—maybe the most macabre in the country—a place where you can go into the “dark cell,” where inmates in solitary were bolted to the walls.

Head north to Alaska—to the Alaskan Hotel, where a gold miner’s wife is said to be walking the halls. Legend has it that her husband was gone so long that she became a lady of the evening to support herself, only to have her husband show up and kill her. Has the Ideal Coach for Your Trip

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The Top Haunted Experiences on the West Coast