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The Best and Worst States for Driving

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It seems that, no matter where you go on the roadways in the United States, someone will tell you that you are among the “worst drivers in the country.” The folks at, however, have done an extensive study of the driving habits in every state, and have put out their annual “best and worst” states for driving in America. You could carefully review their findings before you decide to travel, or you could take a different, and easier, approach. If you’re planning group travel, why not rent a charter bus from You’ll be safe and secure in comfort and luxury while we handle all the driving.

Best and Worst States to Drive In

The Criteria for Assessing the Best and Worst States for Driving

The researchers used information collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), focusing on data related to fatal motor vehicle accidents. The states were then ranked based on five different criteria:

  • Total number of fatalities per 100 million miles driven
  • Percentage of fatal accidents involving a failure to obey traffic signals or safety laws
  • Percentage of fatal accidents involving drunk drivers
  • Percentage of fatal accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists
  • Percentage of fatal accidents involving excessive speed

The States with the Worst Drivers

If you plan to drive your own vehicle, you may want to avoid Montana. The Big Sky state finished in the top 20 in every one of the categories listed above and took the crown for total number of fatalities per 100 million miles. Researchers attributed the combination of high speed limits and an abundance of winter weather as major contributing factors. The state ranked also ranked 20th for speed, sixth for pedestrian and bicycle fatalities and eighth for failure to obey traffic laws and signals.

According to the study, Montana just edged out South Carolina for the dubious honor of having the nation’s worst drivers. Other states finishing in the top ten included, in order, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Hawaii, North Dakota, Delaware and Mississippi. North Dakota led the country in fatal accidents caused by drinking and driving, New Hampshire topped the list for motor vehicle accident deaths caused by speeding, and Louisianans were most likely to cause a traffic fatality through failure to obey a traffic sign or law.

Researchers concluded, though, that the single factor most likely to indicate where a state ranked overall was “careless driving,” or the number of deaths involving bicyclists and pedestrians. Approximately 80% of the states with the top fifteen overall scores were also ranked among the top for careless driving.


The Best States for Driving

Far and away the safest state for driving is Minnesota. The Gopher State was in the bottom 20 percent of states in every category except failure to obey traffic signals and laws, and finished 38th of 51 in that area. Others in the top five include Ohio, Vermont, Iowa and Nebraska. Utah is place where you’re least likely to be killed by a drunk driver, North Dakota has the fewest fatalities involving pedestrians and bicyclists, and speed is less of a factor in Florida than any other state.

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The Best and Worst States for Driving